7 things we learned about Brazil (in Salvador) in a day

7 things we learned about Brazil (in Salvador) in a day: Brazil is a loud country All the drivers want to be the next Ayrton Senna, not the best if you are a pedestrian. Spanish: NO English: Hell NO. 🙂 Most popular car: VW Bus Taking the bus in a bikini: normal Biggest challenge: exchanging … More 7 things we learned about Brazil (in Salvador) in a day

House Raduha

When we arrived at Hiša Raduha, we were fascinated by the architecture and design. It’s so simple, yet so special. The treehouse is like a wooden box on a tree, the hayrack is like other hayracks in Slovenia. We took a look at both rooms and decided to take the hayrack. Why? It’s a bit … More House Raduha

Sleeping in treetops

Are you looking for a special experience? Do you like nature? Then sleeping in treetops is just what you are looking for! 3 platforms and 3 hanging beds are waiting for you in Geoss Adventure Park in the geometrical centre of Slovenia. After the adventure park closes, it´s just you and the forest. First they … More Sleeping in treetops

Farmhouse Firbas

There are many farms in the Slovenian countryside. If you want to visit one, a good choice is Farmhouse Firbas in the north-east of the country. A lovely old family home with incredible food, typical rooms and even a special wellness is a good idea to escape busy city life. Upon our arrival we were … More Farmhouse Firbas


A small town worth visiting for 3 reasons: Lace local food »žlikrofi« mercury First: Lace Idrija is famous for its lace-making tradition and it´s the place where the most beautiful lace in the country is made. You can visit a lace museum (which is actually a lace-making-school) or you go to the Gewerkenegg castle in … More Idrija

Goriška Brda

If someone dropped us from a plane and we wouldn’t know where we are, we would think, we’re in Tuscany – charming small villages, vineyard covered hills and small castles and villas. A real gem is the village Šmartno. It sits on a hilltop, surrounded by a stone wall. We stayed at Hiša Marica – … More Goriška Brda

Myanmar / Burma

“The Golden Country” as Marco Polo named it is full of Buddhist temples and smiling people. It’s like the time has stopped – electricity is available only during certain hours of the day, there’s no mobile network, no ATMs and only a handful of people speak English. To quote the Nobel winner for literature Rudyard … More Myanmar / Burma