Around the world

The best year of our lives

“The moment I realised, this is possible, this can be done, I felt such a desire to start right away, but inside me there was also fear sneaking slowly into my subconscious.

Where to begin, how to organise all the stuff at work, at home, how to plan a trip like this? How to plan a 1-year trip?

It’s almost like climbing a mountain – at the beginning it seems like “How the hell will I get up there?” But when you start and you’re taking one step after another, it’s just happening without much thinking.”


After years of working and saving money, finally everything turned out, as we hoped – this month we´ll start our greatest adventure so far: We are going for 1 year around the globe.

We´ll start in South America, around New Year’s we´ll fly to Australia and for the end of the trip we chose Asia. Which countries are we going to visit? We don’t know yet, we don´t have a fix travel plan.

As teachers we like to visit some schools, kindergartens and orphanages. We are really looking forward to local food and drinks, Jure will sacrifice himself for beer tasting. Big sports fans as we are, we´ll visit some football stadiums around the world, we like to get our diving licences on the road and hopefully we´ll get to see some tournaments. A big wish is Australian Open. Simona will use her experience in reviewing accommodations.

The last month of our travelling we´ll return to Europe, because we have to attend an important wedding. The remaining time we´ll spend travelling in our home country Slovenia and its neighbours.

About all this and much more you can read on our website (already on it) or you can find us on Facebook or Instagram. Welcome!

Simona and Jure

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