Everyone who read Memories of a Geisha will probably be disappointed by today’s Kyoto. Ok, it was pretty optimistic to expect the city to be like in the book, but I really didn´t know it´s so modern and busy. Luckily we stayed a little bit outside of the centre in Kyoto Utano Hostel – a … More Kyoto

How to enjoy Kochi

Kochi, the biggest city of Shikoku island was full of surprises. The first surprise was our hostel. We didn´t feel more at home anywhere else in Japan than here. Why? Read here. Surprises Kochi had for us Sake The whole island is known for its sake. Our visit coincided with an open day of a … More How to enjoy Kochi

Fugu dinner

Japan has one of the best cuisines in the world. Just the fact that Tokyo has the highest density of Micheline stars restaurants says it all.  From special beef, noodles in all possible variations to amazing sea food –they have it all – so forget the stereotype Japan = Sushi; yes, it’s true, they have … More Fugu dinner