Fun facts Planica

English speakers scroll down, please 😉 Ker smo te dni vsi v pričakovanju zadnje tekme v tej sezoni v smučarskih skokih  (in ker je Jure velik oboževalec zimskih športov), sva zbrala nekaj zanimivosti o naši sneženi kraljici – Planici. 🙂 Prvi skok čez 100 metrov je leta 1936 uspel mlademu Avstrijcu Seppu Bradlu, ki je … More Fun facts Planica


A small town worth visiting for 3 reasons: Lace local food »žlikrofi« mercury First: Lace Idrija is famous for its lace-making tradition and it´s the place where the most beautiful lace in the country is made. You can visit a lace museum (which is actually a lace-making-school) or you go to the Gewerkenegg castle in … More Idrija

Goriška Brda

If someone dropped us from a plane and we wouldn’t know where we are, we would think, we’re in Tuscany – charming small villages, vineyard covered hills and small castles and villas. A real gem is the village Šmartno. It sits on a hilltop, surrounded by a stone wall. We stayed at Hiša Marica – … More Goriška Brda