VLOG: Pomurje – exploring eastern Slovenia

Pomurje is the eastern part Slovenia, which is often quite overlooked. Ok, it doesn’t have such dramatic lanscape as the west, but here can find other visit worthy sights – from thermal spas, beatiful cycling routes, superb wine, tasty food and probably the most hospitable people in the country.
This time we were invited by the Tourist board of Pomurje, who sent us to the following sights:
– wine fountain in Kapela
– house of sparkling wine in Gornja Radgona
– castle Grad, the biggest castle in Slovenia
– restaurant Mala Rosa in Stanjevci
– newly opened hotel Belmur in Murska Sobota
– food festival in Murska Sobota
– tower Vinarium in Lendava
– tropical garden Ocean Orchids in Dobrovnik
– lake Bukovnik and its healing spots
– lunch at Brunarica prekmurskih dobrot (restaurant with local food) at the lake
– Medene zgodbe in Fokovci (beekiping and apitherapy)

If you want a more detailed story, head over to the blog post Weekend escape to Pomurje.

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