Our sLOVEnia

What to say about Slovenia that hasn´t been said before? To be honest, being objective is not an option. 🙂  Slovenia is, after all, our country.

Usually it is described as small, central European, ex Jugoslav republic. But, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Slovenia is a diverse country. It is located where different climate types, cultures and lifestyles meet.

On this page we will try to show you why we love our country and why you should come to visit.

There is no best time for a visit; because there are so many different things to see and do (there is also no worst timing). On our page we will present the most well-known places, but also the best kept secrets. That includes natural sights, special accommodation, places to eat, best sunset spots and much more.

Here it is in all its glory,

sLOVEnia. 🙂


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