Our RTW statistics

We traveled around the world for almost a year. This is our RTW in numbers: 303 days 38 flights 20 countries 107.677 km 130 different beds 35 border crossings xy new friends abc stolen things 6 packages sent home 3 hairdresser visits and numerous massages 29.000 € If you want to know more, read further. … More Our RTW statistics

Mum, I’m coming home

For the SLOVENIAN VERSION click here / za SLOVENSKO RAZLIČICO klikni tukaj πŸ˜€ Now it’s getting serious. The seventh month is in its second half, which means we have to start thinking of going home. The flight ticket is booked, we already have a headache, how to pack everything in our backpacks and our families … More Mum, I’m coming home

Goodbye South America

After almost 3 months we’re leaving South America with mixed feelings. On one hand we are sad to leave a continent that offers so much, on the other hand we’re looking forward discovering new continents. As we already mentioned in our 1 month down article we’re waiting to fall in love with South America? Did … More Goodbye South America

1 month down

On Sunday morning, exactly 5 weeks ago we said goodbye to our comfort zone and everything we knew. Great excitement was mixed up with fear when we boarded the plane in Ljubljana. Those feelings faded and new have aroused. If you now expect a melancholic outpour on how we miss home and normal life – … More 1 month down