Mum, I’m coming home

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Now it’s getting serious. The seventh month is in its second half, which means we have to start thinking of going home.

The flight ticket is booked, we already have a headache, how to pack everything in our backpacks and our families already received our wishes for our »welcome home« lunch/dinner.

Our feelings are mixed. We are really looking forward to see everyone again (especially our dog), but on the other hand we are shitting our pants because of the daily routine and »old life«.

We are sooo thankful, we were able to do a trip like this. After all we literally travelled around the world. South America seems ages away, also The USA and The Bahamas. Australia remained in very good memories and we can’t wait to return. And Asia … what should I say. Asia was and still is our first and biggest love. We will always return. For our last stop in Asia we choose our favourite city Bangkok. Actually this wasn’t the smartest move, because now it will be even harder to go home (so don’t be surprised if you’ll see news about floods at Suvarnabhumi airport in 14 days).

Our last stop before returning to Slovenia will be Vienna in Austria. Luckily we have friends living there and we can stay with them for a few days. Funny coincidence: we started our round the world trip in Ljubljana, the capital of the country we belong to. But we are finishing our adventure in Vienna, Austria, the country we have chosen to live in.

Will we stop travelling after next weekend, when we finish our trip? No. We started in September and we plan to travel also in August. And despite going back to work in September, we will travel our entire life.

And we would go on a trip like this again. Immediately. We experienced so much, we learned a lot. Our long absence resulted in some knowledge – we figured out what we want to do in life, we found out, who are our true and trustworthy friends and this was also a big test for us as a couple.

Do you want to know, what will be our first home-cooked meal our parents will prepare?
Beef soup, Wiener Schnitzel, cooked beef with sour cream and horse radish, baked potatoes, lettuce with a litre of balsamic vinegar and special sweets made by my grandma. 😀


2 thoughts on “Mum, I’m coming home

    1. Yesm we enjoyed our lunch/dinner very much. 🙂 My parents and granny took good care of us.
      Luckily we can continue travelling soon – we came home to attend a wedding and to housesitt, but soon we are hitting the road again 😀
      Mmmm, fish’n’chips, love it …

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