2×7 Fun facts about the Maldives


For the Slovenian version click here / za članek v slovenščini klikni tukaj 😉

  1. 1,190 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls (200 inhabited islands, plus 100 islands with tourist resorts)
  2. 99% of the Maldives is water
  3. The Maldives are the lowest country on the planet: island’s ground level is averaged at 1.5 meters and its highest point is at 2.3 meters (Villingili Island)
  4. The Maldives are the smallest country in Asia
  5. They are also the smallest Muslim country in the world
  6. Citizens must be Muslim. It is forbidden to follow any other religion.
  7. Alcohol is prohibited (except in tourist resorts)
  8. The Maldives are probably remains of a chain of sunken volcanoes formed around 60 millions of years ago.
  9. Parrot fish eat corrals and they can’t digest all the corals they eat. Their poop is actually the fine coral sand and an adult parrot fish can produce up to 1 ton of sand per year!
  10. The Maldives export only fish and beautiful memories.
  11. The biggest sea plane fleet is Trans Maldivian Airways.
  12. They offer some of the most expensive resorts in Asia.
  13. The Maldives can really show off with a 98-percent literacy rate among adults. Respect!
  14. They have their own language and writing. English derived just 1 word from Divehi – atoll from atholhu, which means a ring-like coral island surrounding a lagoon.














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