El Monumental

Home stadium of the famous Argentinian club River Plate and the home of Argentinian national team. It is the biggest stadium in Argentina.  It was built in 1938 and seen several renovations. Now it has a capacity of 67.664 people. It has no roof, and as a spectator you are a little bit away from … More El Monumental

La Bombonera

It is the home of the legendary Buenos Aires club Boca Juniors. The place has a special feeling. With its steep stands and a very unconventional part that looks like an apartment building it feels like an arena. Here, except for the high fence (Boca fans – La Doce are famous for many things – … More La Bombonera

Amazing bus journey from Salta to San Pedro de Atacama

It is a normal bus route, but it feels like it’s a sightseeing ride. Currently 2 bus companies operate this route: Gemini and Pullman (which we took). Departures are approximately 3 times a week (810 ARP), but in some moths buses are cancelled because of bad weather and road conditions. The journey starts in Salta … More Amazing bus journey from Salta to San Pedro de Atacama

Perito Moreno

Before we decided to do this trip, we didn’t know this small village existed or even why it is important. But after researching and talking to different travellers, everyone said: “This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.” We heard this again and again and somehow you can’t get enough of these Wow-moments. … More Perito Moreno

Buenos Aires

As we arrived, we were totally unprepared – we had no idea what to see, do and expect. It was already late so we headed straight to our amazing hostel Elefante Rosa – an old building with high ceilings, an impressive lobby (look up!) and an extremely helpful host Diego. They offer dorms as well … More Buenos Aires

7 things we learned about Argentina in 1 day (in Buenos Aires)

Pet nr.1=dog. ❤ Spanish is helpful, but not as essential as Portuguese in Brazil. Bring US$ and €, exchange wisely (ask and you’ll know how and where) and pay with Argentinian pesos. Football=religion. And grass on the pitch is not the only grass at the stadium. 🙂 City buses in Buenos Aires=WTF?! Even the locals … More 7 things we learned about Argentina in 1 day (in Buenos Aires)

Iguazu Waterfalls

The Iguazu falls were on our round-the-world bucket list from the beginning. You can visit them from the Brazilian or Argentinian side – but we chose the Argentinian. The falls are the border between Brazil and Argentina, Brazil owning only 20% and Argentina 80% of the territory. The biggest and most spectacular Waterfall is Devils … More Iguazu Waterfalls