Beer around the world

Let me start by admitting that I am not a beer connoisseur, but an occasional beerdrinker.

Evaluations on this page are strictly my subjective evaluations of beer that I drank along our 300 days journey around the world (and maybe even after).

Starting this mission I learned something really strange: drinking beer for me is like skiing. You canยดt always do it (that goes for me). In Brazil I had no problems ordering a beer, whereas in Argentina I have only ordered one so far. This is due to the fact that it is still freekinยด cold in Argentina and cold weather and beer do not go hand in hand.

So here how this is gonna go:

I will judge beer only according to taste. The highest mark is of course 7 smileys. The lowest (I hope we wonยดt come to that) is of course zero smileys.

So here they are: Different types of beer around the world.