1 month down

sLOVEnians travel
sLOVEnians travel

On Sunday morning, exactly 5 weeks ago we said goodbye to our comfort zone and everything we knew. Great excitement was mixed up with fear when we boarded the plane in Ljubljana.

Those feelings faded and new have aroused. If you now expect a melancholic outpour on how we miss home and normal life – you won’t get it. We’re in contact with family and friends and we have gotten used to a nomadic lifestyle.

But there is something we miss: our dog. He has no Skype, Viber, Facebook or e-mail (pretty unsocial, ha?! 🙂 )

And we miss oma’s home cooked food. We really enjoyed Brazilian food, but in Argentina was just too much meat and no spices, but they deserve a big applause for their wine.

We got some questions on Jure’s work. He’s doing fine – till now we had decent internet everywhere (I don’t want to jinx it 😀 ) and we managed to combine his schedule with travelling.

If you travel a lot, sooner or later you’ll find a place in the world, which you don’t want to leave. And once you found it, you always compare other destinations with yours. This is what happened to us 7 years ago – we lost our hearts in South East Asia (especially Thailand) and since then we have compared all destinations with it. And for now South America hasn’t got many points. We miss the exotic feeling (Argentina is much like a cold faded version of Spain), beaches (because of bad weather we couldn’t enjoy Brazil’s beaches), different tastes and more value for money (it’s interesting, how much 10€ can buy here or in SE Asia).

We crossed to Bolivia and continue our way up to the north. We are positive, that South America’s charm will kick in and we’re really looking forward to get to know this interesting continent better. And who knows, it may be love at the second sight.

Hasta luego (we are really happy to have learned Spanish)

Quick update
Countries visited: Brazil, Argentina, Chile
Transportation used: bus, plane, boat, taxi
Lost items: 3
Most impressive sights: Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno, Christ the Redeemer

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