A forgetful traveller

forgetful simona
forgetful simona

Hello, I’m Simona and I’m forgetful. This bad habit is not very helpful while travelling, but luckily I can still laugh about it as it resulted in some funny stories (so far 🙂 )

  • Forgetting my bikini (travelling to a Muslim country)

A few years ago we found a great deal on a Nile cruise and since we have wanted to do this since forever, we booked right away. The deal was so cheap, because the flight was from Munich, so first we travelled with the train to Germany. I always pack the last day and for this trip it wasn’t any different. My parents drove us to the train station in Ljubljana, when my mom asked about stuff we pack. “Do you have your bikini?” At that moment I saw my bikini on the couch in my room. S*** Luckily shopping centres in Slovenia are open till 9PM (yes, a shopping heaven), so we stepped by in one and I bought 2 bikinis – they had a big sale and better to take 2, I never know when I’ll forget one. Arriving in Luxor I was happy to bought them at home – there they were selling only bathing suits for Muslim women. How was I supposed to get tanned at all?

  • Forgetting the camera (twice)

We went trekking in Sapa, Vietnam, where we slept at a homestay. We spent the evening with other travellers playing drinking games with Vietnamese homemade rice schnapps. We went to sleep and only started to miss our camera the next morning – what a surprise, ha? Luckily our guides took care of it and earned themselves some extra tips.
The second time we had dinner in Siem Reap, Cambodia. After the whole day exploring the temples of Angkor Wat we were exhausted. We finished dinner, paid and went to our guesthouse, when I discovered our camera was missing – again (and I was in charge of it). We went back as fast as we could and there it was, sitting on the same chair as we left it.

  • Forgetting my wallet

The girls will understand – the shopping experience in Bangkok is so overwhelming it may cause forgetfulness. I was shopping at MBK Mall, trying on T-shirts, dresses, shoes, going from one shop to another, from one floor to the next, from one side of the giant mall to the other. When I was finished, we went out in search of a tuk-tuk. Jure asked me, if I have small bills and when I wanted to check I noticed my wallet wasn’t there. Oh no. Not good. Not good at all. Brainstorming. In which shop could it be? We went back and although MBK can be like a labyrinth as the hallways all look a lot alike, I found the right shop. The wallet was there with everything in it – even the money. J

  • Forgetting everything

In Europe we like city trips. We were in Berlin, already at the airport going home. We checked our luggage, went through security and were sitting at the gate. Jure asked me: “Where is your phone?” at that moment I was struck by lightning – I forgot it in the night stand in the hotel. And not only the phone, also my wallet (again), keys, my calendar – almost everything what you have in your purse. I only brought my passport and flight ticket. What to do now? I didn’t have enough time to drive back. I called the hotel, explained everything (thank god I’m fluent in German), they checked the room, found everything in the night stand, gave it to a taxi driver who should bring it to the airport. Jure gave me his credit card, we took our passports and kissed goodbye – I went outside the airport to wait for the taxi. Minutes felt like hours when he finally came. I gave him a big tip and rushed directly to security, jumped the line and sprinted to the gate. I was the last one, but I made it, I could board the plane.

To be continued (for sure 🙂 ) …

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