LENDAVA – the most eastern part of Slovenia


If you imagine a map of Slovenia it would look like a chicken. And on that map Lendava would be the beak of it. It stretches as far East as possible and it’s the easternmost city in Slovenia. Unfairly overlooked by many travelers who come to Slovenia, Lendava offers a variety of experiences. So let’s start with the most famous landmark of Lendava.


Vinarium is an observation tower that rises 53 m tall. From the top you can see: Slovenia (standing point), Hungary to the East, Croatia to the South and Austria to the North and Northwest. It is shaped as a wine glass to represent the rich wine culture of the area (more on that later). You can climb up by stairs, but it is also completely accessible with a wheelchair by lift that takes you all the way to the top. Special tip: come early in the morning after a rainy night for amazing views or for sunset.
At the foot of the tower you can taste local delicacies (more on that later) or have some local wine.
Entrance fee: Adults 7€, children up to 6 years free, youth 6-18, students and retirees 5€

Hiša vina Cuk

“Hiša vina” stands for: House of wine. And the name does this place justice. Famous for its wines, Hiša vina Cuk is a perfect stop after visiting the tower as it’s just 2 min by car or 6 min walking. They preserved the traditional architecture style which includes the thatched roof, many wooden beams and a washed white facade. From their terrace you can admire the view over the vineyards with s glass or two of their delicious wines. And not to forget – they serve traditional, regional food, which you should try.



You’ll hear this name often when visiting Lendava. Mihael Hadik was a famous warrior who died in the 18th century. His body was laid to rest in the chapel Holy Trinity and because it was put in a sealed chamber it naturally mummified. There are many legends surrounding this historical person, about how he died, where he died… Based on those legends you can now try the wine called “Hadikova kri” (Hadik’s Blood).  If you want to pay Hadik a visit , you have to schedule in advance with the local tourist office. But also without going inside the chapel, we recommend you to come here for a nice view (in spring you can admire the yellow fields of rapeseed) and take a look at the old cemetery.
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Lendava castle

The Lendava castle stands in the middle of the town and hosts a museum. But it wasn’t always like this. Dating back to the 12. century it was a home to different important families, the last was the family Eszteházy, which was the last to renovate and make changes to the castle. Over the years the purpose of the castle changed from schools all the way to a military base. After the 2nd WW they ordered to destroy the defense wall, that’s why you can see it today only on old drawings. Since 1972 the castle hosts an interesting museum and gallery, displaying different weapons, clothes, rooms dedicated to different important men, remains of the old wall and bronze sculptures.

Tip: don’t miss the beautiful butterfly on the stairs leading to the castle
Entrance fee: 6€, children (7+) and students 2€
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You have to know, that Slovenia only has 2 synagogues – this one and the one in Maribor. So it’s quite special, especially if you’re a fan of architecture or are interested in religious buildings. Many Jews lived in this part of the country, that’s why it was only logical to built a synagogue, which happened in 1866. But it served as a religious building only until 1944, when all the Jews were exiled. Today it serves as an event and exhibition space. Tip: while visiting keep an eye open for the clock– it’s the only remaining interior item from the beginning.

Entrance fee: 2,50€, children and students 1€
Open every day from 10:00-16:00, closed on Monday


Kulturni dom

This is actually a theater and concert hall with 444 seats, built by the Hungarian architect Makovec. It is very new – built in 2004, it is an impressive building worth a visit.

Thermal spa Lendava

Yes, the town of Lendava has a thermal spa as well. As students we used to come here every spring for a weekend. They have indoor and outdoor pools, slides and shady corners to rest. You can choose between a hotel accommodation and self-catered apartment accommodation.
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You should also come for the views. Lendava is surrounded by rolling hills and from every corner you’ll have a different view of the town, of the Vinarium tower and over never-ending vineyards. It doesn’t matter when you come, as every season has its own charm – we especially love the spring views, when rapeseed blossoms and fall with its golden colors.
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Like cycling, but not so much the torture of going uphill? Then this region is perfect for you (and me 😀 ). The area around Lendava, except the hilly wineyards, is mostly flat and you can easily cover a lot of  ground in a day. You can rent bicycles at the bicycle center MURANIA, where you can also book bike tours, they have a camping ground, bathrooms and a kitchen.

TIP: Cycling tour to Copek Mill

This is the last remaining mill on the potok Črnec and also the last preindustrial mill in this region. It is quite unknown, that’s why it’s perfect for a real off the beaten track visit. It is set in lush greenery and thanks to the resident mill-man the wheel is still turning.

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Food & Wine

I have so much fun writing about food lately, I might consider starting a food blog. 😊 Food and wine are quite important here. It’s very different to the rest of Slovenia, that’s why you shouldn’t miss a few “must try” local dishes:


This is a very typical eastern Slovenian dish made of potatoes, flour, onions, lard and sour cream. In the restaurant “Lovski dom” you can try different varieties – with pork, vegetarian etc.
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Ooooh, I’m already drooling … Every single time I come to this region I eat langaš. This is a dough quickly fried in hot oil and then topped with sour cream and garlic. Yuuuum (but it’s advisable that your partner eats it with garlic too if you plan to kiss afterwards 😉 ). The easiest way to try it is at the Vinarium tower.
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This is a stew like thick soup with ideally at least 3 types of meat, a lot of onions, potatoes and spices. Before I became vegetarian I liked the stew as it can be spicy, but I was never a real meat lover. It’s a great choice on colder days.


This is probably the most famous eastern Slovenian dish. It’s a layered cake made of poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins and quark filling. An old tradition says, that in Prekmurje (this region eastern of the river Mura) no wedding can take place without a gibanica. Today you can have it every day, not just on wedding days 😉

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Lendava has many accomodation possibilities. We decided to show you two:

Hotel Cubis

This is a modern 4* hotel in the center of town. It offers a delicious breakfast, is dog friendly, has free parking and rooms are spacious. If you’re on a business trip or travelling as a couple, this is the perfect place for you.

Dispersed hotel Vinarium

This is a dispersed hotel with a centralized reception service – there are many different houses on the hills around Vinarium tower where you can enjoy your stay in the middle of the vineyards. This is especially popular with families.

Photo credit: Tina Pipan


So, what do you say? Convinced that Lendava has to be in your itinerary on your next trip? We come back quite often, so maybe we’ll meet for a glass somewhere 😉

If you need any help organizing or you have more questions, you can always contact us.

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