Is Biokovo skywalk worth visiting?

The new skywalk above the Makarska riviera in Croatia is the new must see attraction in the region for tourists as well as for locals. In the first month they have already had so many visitors that the news reported about it and unfortunatelly also about traffic jams and congestions on the winding mountain road. But is this skywalk worth the hype?

As we got so many questions after we posted our stories from this place on our Instagram, we decided to write an article about it and tell you about our experience and sum up our tips for you. 😉

Come early

We visited the skywalk Biokovo on a Monday morning. The locals in Makarska advised us to go as early as 6:00 and we obliged. We arrived at the gate around 6:25 and a few cars were already in front of us. We waited for about 25 minutes when we were let in and drove up to the skywalk. We read that a certain amount of cars is let in every hour (please check the exact information on the official website).
We got a message from our reader Karmen, who told us her solution to this traffic chaos. She rented a scooter with her boyfriend and drove up with it without waiting. So maybe consider that. And another advantage of this mean of transportation is that you it is easier avoiding upcoming traffic. Btw. the same goes for bycicles, but be prepared for a looong and difficult ascent.

Winding road

The road from the gate to the skywalk begins pretty smoothly. It is relatively wide and well paved and it crawls up the hill like a snake. Around half way it gets narrower and the curbs are not in great shape. Now and then there were donkeys and horses next to the road. If you meet a car on the way up or down you can give room at the especially designed slots.


The skywalk

Once up, park the car and take in the view. Before entering the skywalk, you should clean your shoes on the designated shoe-polisher (but unfortunately not many do that). The horseshoe shaped platform mingles above the raw rocky mountains’ slope and offers breathtaking views over the deep blue ocean and the surrounding islands of Brač and Hvar. Looking down the glass bottom can be quite scary at the beginning, but you’ll get used to it. But I’m certain that people who fear hights will experience nausea in the stomack and a dizzy head.

It is advised not to spend more than 5 minutes on the skywalk, but hey, who can resist. 😉 For now everyone is spending longer and until it’s time to drive down again, no one will say anything (for now, maybe this will change).

Left and right from the platform are rocks from there you can snap a picture of the platform itself.



Food and drinks

Approximately half way up (or down) there’s a restaurant with food and drinks. We didn’t stop, but we saw a nice shady garden and a big parking lot. You can’t miss it as there’s only one road up and down.

Going down

After visiting the impressive skywalk we drove down again. The guards started yelling that it is advisable to drive down again in the next 5 minutes to avoid traffic. We didn’t have any problems going down, but were surprised, that they closed the road for new visitors already at 8AM as enough cars were waiting to enter. So be advised to come really early if you want to be sure to be able to enter at the time you want.


Is it worth it?

Hands down, the skywalk is really cool. Also the views driving up the mountain road are beautiful, especially if you come as early as we did. So if you are in the area and like panoramic views mixed with a really cool skywalk, you should come. The entrance fee is still quite reasonable (50 KN) so come until they don’t rise it. Because I think this will happen sooner than later with all the hype around it.


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