We are in selfisolation. Like probably half of the world. Because we currently can’t and don’t want to travel, we decided to gather our video material from our beautiful country Slovenia and cut a destination out of it. We left out Ljubljana, the capital, but included some of our favourite places from our coutry (we included titels for refence).

We hope you’ll like it, it would also mean a lot if you would like it and subscribed.

3 thoughts on “DESTINATION VIDEO: Slovenia

  1. The intermittent Govic waterfall on the north side of Lake Bohinj, viewing the Adriatic from the Crni Prst-Rodica-Vogel ridge walk, and views from the Rudnica summit are some of my favourites. Best wishes.


    1. Slovenia has so many beutiful corners, that is true πŸ–€ Thanks for these hints, will look at them as soon we’re out of this Corona mess πŸ™ˆ Also for this video we had to work with the material we had at home (so none of the footage was ment to be in a video) and maaany others are just so bad, we didn’t want to include them πŸ˜…
      All the best to you too πŸ’™πŸ’™

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