Medellin – enjoying the simple things

Let me start by saying that we came to Medellin by accident. Because our Galapagos trip turned out a little differently as planned we couldn’t fly to Bogota. So we flew to Medellin instead.

What do we know about Medellin? That it used to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world and it was the home of the Medellin cartel. Is that still the case? Not anymore it’s not. It is considered as one of the best places to live and do business in South America.

As the title already says we didn’t exaggerate with activities. 🙂 We stayed in El Poblado, neighbourhood with the most innovative bars we have ever seen, although it has a bit of a hipster feeling.

One of the beautiful bars in El Poblado
One of the beautiful bars in El Poblado

On the first day we tried teleferico (again). This one is special. It connects Parque Arvi to the city. These neighbourhoods used to be very dangerous but not anymore due great investments in public infrastructure and education. As always education is the key. Parque Arvi is a very nice getaway from the city. There are many hiking trails, campsites, streams, restaurants where people can escape the city life and feel far away from the hustle and bustle. We also did the same. Walked a little (reminded us of Pohorje :)), had snacks from different fruit stalls, stalls that sell anything made of coca (nothing to do with drugs) and we spent the entire afternoon there.


The next day we spent in the city centre which was one of the most crowded in South America. The city is well-connected with the metro system which is cheap and efficient.

What we liked most were the Christmas lights. The Colombians take them really seriously. Especially the parks are insanely decorated.

At the end we were glad that we came here because it was surprisingly cool, especially the neighbourhood El Poblado.

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