Australia Zoo – Steve Irwin´s legacy

Let me start by saying that we are not fans of Zoos, but this was different, very different. Who doesn´t know the Crocodile hunter, the man who spent his entire life protecting wildlife and showing the way how to co-exist with wildlife? Yes, we are talking about Steve Irwin-the Crocodile hunter, the man who tragically died in 2006.

brisbane (17)
Jure with the Irwin family

We decided to visit Australia Zoo because Jure is a huge fan of the crocodile hunter, especially his attitude and enthusiasm. That´s why we said that if we are going to go to a Zoo, we are going to go to the best one.

The main objective of the zoo is to get you as close as possible to wildlife. That means that you can pet many different animals: koalas, kangaroos, birds, lizards, snakes … I usually don´t like that, but here I had the feeling the animals were well taken care after and the staff really liked what they do.

brisbane (6)
Isn’t he beautiful?

The most animals are native to Australia (kangaroos, koalas, wombats, taipans, emus …), but there is also an Africa section with zebras, giraffes, rhinos.

brisbane (3)
Rhinos ❤

The main thrill about the place is the show. At 12.00 there is a wildlife presentation at the crocuseum, the highlight being of course presentation of crocodiles. The show is amazing and it made us very enthusiastic about animals and how we should protect them.

brisbane (1)
Action 🙂

Presence of Steve is still very visible. All the staff members are dressed in khaki shirts and shorts and share his enthusiasm for animals. They say that khaki is not a colour, but an attitude. It represets love for animals and their protection and Australia zoo embodies that. Trying to get people excited about wildlife? Australia zoo accomplished that mission.

Now we will let the pictures do the talking.

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