Crusing the Bahamas

The decision for a Bahamas cruise was very spontaneous and totally unplanned. We managed to find a good deal on the internet and off we were.

Day 1: Miami

On the first day we went to Miami cruise terminal, checked in and waited to enter the ship. Around noon we could board, but the staterooms were ready around 2PM. We were able to have a delicious lunch and become familiar with the ship. The afternoon we spent on deck at the pool (the quiet one in the front-fore; naval terminologyJ). Leaving the port in Miami is something special because you “sail” from almost Downtown Miami past Miami Beach and you see the skyline from an amazing point of view. In the evening we had a good dinner and watched the show.

bahamas (16)
Miami skyline from the cruise ship


Day 2: Grand Bahama, Freeport

The cruise terminal on Grand Bahama is far away from the city and the beaches, but there are several shuttles (14USD round trip) to these points of interest. We took a shuttle to Taino beach, where Junkanoo beach club offers sun loungers, umbrellas for only 3 USD. You can also buy drink packages which always include beer, red bull, and spirits. Spending the day on the beach wasn’t hard – swimming, sleeping, playing in the sand, kayaking – we took a real vacation.

bahamas (19)


Day 3: Nassau

Did you know Nassau has a paradise island? And on the island is the real Atlantis hotel? Because we visited Atlantis in Dubai in 2015, we decided to walk through the city and then go to the public beach. The city centre is small and we were done in 40 minutes J So beach time again. And no, public beach doesn’t mean it’s crappy – hello, you’re on the Bahamas! Small tip: the first beach club on the beach is famous Junkanoo beach club (yes, the same as in Freeport), but don’t step there, as you move further, the beach gets nicer, umbrellas, drinks, chairs get cheaper. 😉

bahamas (6)


Day 4: Great stirrup cay

This is a private island owned by Norwegian cruise line. You can only visit it, if you’re cruising with them. And it’s beautiful! We had one of the best off shore snorkelling days so far and the island is a true Caribbean paradise. We saw stingrays, barracudas and many other fish we don’t know the names of. Everyone from the ship is brought by smaller boats to the island, where sunbeds, umbrellas, inflatable slides etc. are free to use, not to mention all the good food they bring from the boat and is also free. J Another day without worrying for anything in paradise.

bahamas (14)
Pristine beaches at Great Stirrup Cay


Day 5: Miami

In the morning we were back in Miami. After breakfast it was time to leave the ship. 😦


This was not our first cruise. We have to admit we were sceptical about doing it because of different factors: CO2 footprint, no privacy and so on. But after travelling through South America this was just what we needed: 5 days of comfort zone. 😀


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