Surviving Ultra Europe physically and financially

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We partied at Ultra Europe for three years in a row – yes, we were there from the beginning and saw how this rave became comparable with others around the world.

In the first year, there was plenty of accommodation at normal prices and nothing in the city changed during the festival. In the second year it was a little more popular, and the locals already knew, what was going on
But in the third year … everyone in Split went crazy:
– accommodation prices skyrocketed
– bars and restaurants raised prices
– street vendors wanted to make as much as possible

Yes, Ultra can be expensive, especially if you’re not prepared, that’s why we want to share a few tips with you.

  1. Book way in advance (tickets and accommodation)

The moment you buy your early bird tickets (sometime in October), book your accommodation. Best locations are: near the beach Baćvice, old town around the harbour and around the Stadium Poljud, where the event is.
From all these places you can walk to the stadium (so no taxi/bus costs)!
Why you should book the same day as the tickets are released: because on booking sites like they can’t raise the price after you booked (and they will DEFINITELY want more money at the time of the event).

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  1. GA or VIP?

Which ticket to choose? We tried GA, VIP and on Ultra 2014 we also had Staff accreditation.
Considering the difference between GA and VIP, we would never buy VIP – the drinks at the VIP section are more expensive, you have access to the “VIP” area, which is on a “balcony like” part of the stadium, so away from the main crowd, but don’t think you will have plenty of space there. You can also use “VIP” bathrooms, which is, after all the catastrophic conditions in the past years, probably the biggest advantage of VIP tickets.
You would like to go backstage and ON the stage like we did? Sorry, but for that you have to know someone, who will be able to give you a backstage accreditation. We probably don’t have to tell you, we were in 7th heaven, when we found out it will work out for us. 🙂
But! Still, we couldn’t just go to Hardwell, Tiesto or Armin to give them a high five – they come behind the stage just minutes before their gig and leave right after it, of course with security. We managed to be on the stage while Afrojack was heating up the arena: you wouldn’t think that, but there is a bunch of people on the stage all the time, you just can’t see them from the dancefloor.



  1. Food

Not everyone will raise prices. 😉 You can get cheap breakfast in the nearest bakery (look for PEKARA), in supermarkets (the biggest brands are Konzum and Plodine) the booze stays at normal prices and you can drink it on the beach, in your room/apartment or on the way to the stadium (no law in Croatia forbids it). They have good and cheap delivery, so you can save time and money for drinks.
On the way back in the morning you can find different street sellers offering kebab, fries, sandwiches etc., obviously the cheaper ones will be in the city, the more expensive ones near the stadium.

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Meeting new friends
  1. Inside the stadium

Drinks are expensive. Thinking about smuggling booze in? Let me tell you – it’s possible. If you arrive in the »rush hour«, the security was very loose and we saw a lot of people with their own drinks.
Food was also expensive and not that good. We tried to survive on drinks and eat in the morning on the way back to our appartment. But you know what’s best for you for yourself.
Also all the shiny, blinky and cheezy accessories have a price – much better to order them online before or buy them in the city. 😉

Toilets – now you’re probably thinking: why the hell is she writting about toilets?? Let me tell you, toilets were the biggest issue in the last years. In the first year there were only chemical toilets at the back of the dancefloor inside the stadium and after the first day they were overflowing. You didn’t want to go near them, especially with flip flops, sandals or any other open shoes. In the second year it was even worse – the normal stadium toilets were open as well, which were … let’s just say disgusting. In the third year they managed to find a working system and set up enough toilets, so it was bearable. From my experience, I would recomend the outside toilets.

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  1. Drugs

You will be offered drugs – a lot. Luckily there are undercover policemen in the stadium, trying to catch the bad guys. And personally I would not risk it … And in the end – who needs drugs to party?? 😀  I think you would like to remember this event in the best possible way, so do use your common sense 😉

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  1. Parties in bars, on boats …

There will be a lot going on in Split! A lot! Google events before you arrive, search for facebook and instagram posts with different offers to compare and special promotions. If you’re a group, ask for discounts. 😉
If you don’t fancy warming up and after parties or other organized events, just go to Baćvice – the main city beach in Split. All the Ultranauts will be there sunbathing, swimming, drinking and dancing. We always spent the day there, because it has a real beach party vibe.

  1. Last minute

So you decided to go to Ultra Europe now, just a few weeks before? There’s still hope you will not go bankrupt. Search for the Facebook group Ultra Europe – many people sale tickets, accommodation etc.

There are of course also agencies, which purchased tickets and accommodation in advance and want to fill up now the last spaces – you might get lucky and get a good deal or at least a price, which will allow you to have fun at unforgettable Ultra Europe. 😀
Internationally Travel2Ultra is good choice, for Slovenians: The two biggest agencies in Slovenia, which offer packages to Ultra Europe are Collegium Mondial travel and


Unfortunately this year we cannot go to Ultra Europe, because we are on our round the world trip. And somehow no other Ultra event was at the right time in the right country for us. Still, we are looking forward to 2017, when we are going to a good rave again.

9 thoughts on “Surviving Ultra Europe physically and financially

  1. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find can you get early bird tickets ( I have registered) and accommodation in the camp site from travel2ultra or you need to do them separately thank you


    1. Hey Dzoko, sorry for the late response. We always booked separately, because we are from Slovenia and know our way around in Croatia. I am not sure if there was ever an option for booking everything together.. but if you can’t find anything on their page then they probably don’t sell tickets and accommodation together-at least in the early bird stage. But Ultra introduces something new every year… 🙂
      We are probably not going in 2017 so we haven’t really researched this time.
      Hope you’ll get everything you need and enjoy Split!!! 🙂


    1. Hey Nicolas. We always had tickets, but I do remember people selling them outside the stadium. Price: unfortunately, no idea, never asked. Check Facebook groups for Ultra Europe 2017. People usually post stuff like this. Good luck and enjoy. 🙂


  2. Hi, I see this is a couple of years old so I’m aware you may not know now, but you recommend using the outside toilets, I’ve seen you’re not allowed re entry into the stadium if you leave the stadium, weird question but would you recommend using outside ones before going in and soon after leaving


    1. Hi Isabelle. You are always allowed to go outside of the stadium, because other stages are outside. But if you leave the festival area you probably can´t get back in. We went 3 times. Probably only used the stadium toilets a couple of times, but they did change and try to make the situation better every year. I hope it helps. 😉


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