Maldives: 1 week itinerary

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We visited Maldives already twice and we always stayed on local islands. The cheapest way to get around is definitely a dhoni – a local ferry, but their schedule is sporadic and they take very looong. We always used speed boats, as we wanted to make the most of our short visits to this amazing island paradise.

Here is our recommended 1 week itinerary, where we visited 3 islands in 3 different atols.

Day 1
Arrive in Male and try to catch a speedboat to Ukulhas or spend the night in the capital and take the first speedboat in the morning.

Day 2
Relax on Ukulhas

Day 3
Relax and snorkel on Ukulhas

Day 4
Take the 7AM speedboat to Male and change to the 9:15 speed boat to Maafushi
Go on an afternoon dive

Day 5
Spend the day in a resort (daytrip from Maafushi), go diving again or go on one of the numerous trips they offer.

Day 6
Go on a daytrip to a sandbank, snorkel with mantas and nurse sharks. After the tour they drop you off at Fulidhoo. Watch how this daytrip went with us. 😊

Day 7
Enjoy the tranquility of Fulidhoo
In the late afternoon take the speedboat back to Maafushi. Enjoy a nice evening at the beach with sand between your toes and tasty food on your plate.

Day 8
Enjoy the bikini beach on Maafushi and take the speedboat back to catch your flight as late as possible πŸ˜‰


You also can turn it around (start with Maafushi and end in Ukulhas), but be aware, that speedboat times are different in the other direction. If you want to visit just Ukulhas, but are interested in other islands – the neighbor island Rashdoo looked nice as well. Want to enjoy just Maafushi and the island around? Then you can choose Gulhi, Guraidhoo and as mentioned above Fulidhoo.

For transportation you can search the following operators:

Dhoni (local ferry all around The Maldives)

For Maafushi:
Shadow Palm

For Ukulhas:

Need accommodation? We usually use, but in The Maldives we discovered it’s cheaper to book directly. If you need a discount coupon for, here you go: This way you get 15€ back and we get 15€ as well.


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6 thoughts on “Maldives: 1 week itinerary

  1. Hi,
    I’m planning your “1 week itinerary”… On the day 6 Is it easy to arrange the tour that drop us in fulidhoo? all of the tours allow it??
    Thanks in advance
    Alessio – Italy


    1. Hey Alessio, we went with the agency Shadowpalm and they allow It, but you have to book this specific tour which includes a stop at Fulidhoo. The tour is described in the article. I think you can arrange it also with iCom as they run the same tour. Just check with them both and then ENJOY πŸ’™


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