New Year’s Eve in Beijing


We like to spend NY’s somewhere on the road (at least me, Jure not so much). And last year we were quite late to search for interesting deals – which is btw. crucial if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

After some negotiating between us, Jure gave up and bought tickets for China.

Firstly we had a few days in Shanghai, then we visited the unforgettable Snow and Ice festival in Harbin and we ended our trip in Beijing for the big party.

But a NY’s like that we really didn’t expect. Although we are totally aware of the Chinese calendar and Chinese new Year.

For the “big” celebration we were in the capital thinking that if somewhere something will be happening, it will be in Beijing. Oh how wrong we were.

There was absolutely NOTHING going on the 31st of December in Beijing. At least not for the public. Posh hotels had NY’s parties, but we wanted to celebrate like a few years back when they hosted a party at the Temple of Heaven. But nothing, nada, nichts this year.

We went to a family mart, bought some booze (in those 15 minutes we met the most non Chinese people in the entire trip!) and had a lovely evening in our bath tub in the hotel.

But the highlight of the evening was an sms we got from our best friends – they became parents. 😀 Funny thing though – they were still in 2017 when the small lady was born while we were already in 2018. Now this became a running joke between us.

I’m sorry if you were hoping for some super insider tips on how to spend New Year’s Eve in Beijing, but we can’t give you them. The best advice would be:

If you like big NY’s celebrations in public places, maybe choose another big city outside of China. 😉 We for instance had a blast a few years back in Sydney 8)

New Year Sydney
New Year Fireworks in Sydney

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