10 things to know before visiting the Dead sea


The Death sea, this big salty soup divided between Israel and Jordan is a popular tourist attraction in both countries.

The first time we visited in 2010 on the Israeli side. On this trip through Jordan we visited again, but the weather wasn’t playing along. At least not at first. After a week of desert tours, diving in the Red sea and exploring the pink city of Petra, we returned to the Dead sea and had a wonderful time.

dead sea

Before you visit the Dead sea in Jordan, you should know a few things:

1.There’s no proper city at the Jordanian Dead sea. The area with all the hotels is just that – hotels. Currently there’s not even a gas station along the entire length of the Dead sea.

2.The Dead sea is super salty, that’s why it’s advisable to shower after “swimming” or better said floating. There are showers on the hotel beaches and on the Amman public beach (20JD entrance).


3.Do not shave the day you plan to swim or the day before – it will burn like hell. Also be careful if you have cuts or wounds. When walking on the salt crystals, wear shoes, flip flops or at least socks.

dead sea

4.Hotels sell “day passes” to guests for around 30JD (Dead sea hotel), 50 JD (Mövenpick hotel) to use their beach facilities and sometimes it includes lunch.

5.We decided to sleep in one of the hotels (Ramada Dead sea for around 45JD with breakfast), because then you have the beach access included.


6.Wild beaches are also accessible and free of charge. We found a very nice one just a few minutes south of Wadi Mujib entrance. Driving south you’ll see many cars parked on the right side, there you just need to walk down the hill and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

dead sea
This is what you’ll see from the road. Remember: just a few minutes south from the entrance to Wadi Mujib.

7.On the southern side of the Dead sea is the Lowest point on Earth Museum. On display are 4500-year-old pottery, textiles and different excavations. Unfortunately, nothing about the Dead sea. If you visited or plan to visit any other archeological museums, you don’t have to drive all the way to this one.

8.From Amman there’s a daily JETT bus to the Dead sea for 10 JD, with the possibility to visit the Dead sea hotel (30JD) or Mövenpick (50 JD).


9.It is forbidden to swim after sunset. This is a border area, so expect to see the army and police patrolling, especially after sunset.

10.Bad weather can cause waves (see our vlog at the end). In this case bathing is forbidden as well, as it is too dangerous. But you can still rub yourself with the dark mud, which is supposed to be healing, therapeutic and very good for the skin. Oh, I probably don’t have to mention to wear old or dark swimsuits, as the mud leaves stains.

Dead sea

I hope you can use some of these information, as I would be happy to have some of them before visiting myself. Enjoy the Dead sea, float as much as you can, rub yourself in mud in feel how your skin softened afterwards.



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