Is diving in Aqaba good?

A few months back we were in Eilat and went diving there. We were quiet negatively surprised by how bad the corals looked there and the overall diving scene.

If we were in Aqaba, we decided to give it a chance as we read it should be way better than Eilat. And guess what?! It really is. It’s not comparable at all – the marine life here is much better, more colorful and the dive sights are nicer.

We dove 2 dive sights:

1. Cedar Pride wreck

This ship wreck was sunk in 1985 by the Prince, as he’s a diver himself and he hoped it would become part of the reef as it did. The ship is really photogenic and interesting to explore and is reachable with an OWD license.

2. Japanese garden

This reef is booming with life and colors. Big pinnacles host school of fish, beautiful, big corrals and the dive is really easy.

Aqaba diving
Aqaba diving – Japanese garden


In the afternoon we explored 2 more sunken objects, which you can search from Beach Nr.5 with:

  • The airplane

The C-130 Hercules transport plane lies on around 16 m and it’s not that easy to find, although it’s around 30 meters long and has around 40 m of wingspan. Maybe come during the day, we were there quite late and we didn’t have a lot of sunlight anymore.

Aqaba diving

  • The tank

It lies on around 6 meters and it’s way easier to find. It’s a M42 Duster for those with knowledge about war vehicles. You can easily go down and take a closer look.

Aqaba diving


We were very positively surprised by all these diving and snorkeling sights. After diving and snorkeling in Israel and here, we can say for sure, the dive sights on the Jordanian side are much better.

Here you can also watch our short vlog andd see for yourself 😉

Happy bubbles 😊

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