Fine dining in Hochkrimml in Zillertal


I admit, this is my first food blog post, as I usually only stick to travel. But in recent years I began to appreciate good food a lot, I changed my diet and have developed quite an interest in food.  😊

During our recent ski week in Zillertal Arena we were invited to a culinary event called “Kulinarische Fackelwanderung” or translated “Culinary Torchwalk”. We were treated with the finest local food from the region during a 4 course dinner on 2 locations – at the Hotel Filzstein and Duxeralm. The concept was to connect what defines the region – woods and meadows. But be aware – it’s held only twice a winter and reservations are mandatory. If you’re a foodie and coming to Zillertal, check if you’re in luck and “Kulinarische Fackelwanderung ” is taking place.

zillertal kulinarische fackelwanderung

Let’s take a look, what we ate:

At the first location, Duxeralm the hosts greeted us with some fine bubbles, before we sat down in a cozy alpine style room.

The first course was a selection of three soups – ginger carrot, tomato and garlic . My favorite was ginger carrot.

zillertal kulinarische fackelwanderung

Then a cold starter followed: Jure got a fine beef carpaccio, a wild tartar and shrimps accompanied with some home made bread. I got a lovely vegetable risotto with parmesan. Jure’s plate looked really nice, but I think my risotto was served very originally as well.

zillertal blog (4 of 6)

zillertal kulinarische fackelwanderung

After s short folk music performance, we got dressed, lit the torches and walked around 15 minutes to the next host. We arrived at Hotel Filzstein.


Here another two courses were waiting for us. The first one was the main dish, where Jure got a lamb thigh on a parsnip spinach puree with red beet. He said this was the best, tenderest lamb he has ever had.

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Me on the other hand got a colorful plate with grilled cheese, deep fried potatoes and a cream cheese pie with a big spinach dumpling sitting on a spinach parsnip puree.  I liked it a lot, and they really gave their best to please a weirdo not eating meet in a region like this.

zillertal kulinarische fackelwanderung

But the best is yet to come … the desert. OMG would be my comment. I’m a dessert person, for sure, gladly skipping mains so I can have 2 desserts and here I could finish 3 😉

We got a lava cake filled with warm chocolate, homemade caramel ice cream and a souffle. Oh, the orange fruits are gooseberries, which grow here in warmer months.

zillertal blog

The food was really good, tasty and you can see from the pictures it was served beautifully.  We had a memorable evening with new friends, new pounds on the belly and hips, but hey, totally worth it. A big thank you goes of course to Zillertal Arena for inviting us. ❤

So, what do you think? Hungry? How was my first food blog? 🙂



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