Our 10 favourite beaches on Mallorca

Mallorca, the biggest Balearic island caught us by surprise – we never thought it has such beautiful beaches and bays. We visited quite a lot of them, but we still have to come back as there are so many to explore, we would need at least a month to see all of them.

All the beaches on Mallorca are free, some have lifeguards on duty, others don’t, to some of them you have to hike, others have parking lots just next to them and there are some dotted with hotels. Some beaches are really long, others are narrow at the end of turquoise bays.

The dominant word of this article will be “cala”, which means bay.

So here are a few of our favorite calas – there is no particular order, we will just list them counter clockwise from the map starting in the east.

1.Cala Llombards

This cala has such beautiful turquoise water I still dream about it. It is quite popular, that’s why you will probably not have it to yourself.

2.Mondrago Natural park

There are many bays in Mondrago natural park – the most popular are the smaller Cala Mondrago and the bigger S’Amarador . We really liked the cliffs and designated paths in this park. Many sailboats, speedboats and catamarans come to this bay as the water here is truly crystal clear. In the designated parking lot you have to pay 5€ fee for the day.
Thank you Tina for your recommendation ❤

mallorca beaches
Mondrago Natural park
mallorca beaches
Mondrago Natural park

3.Cala Petita

This is a small bay to which you have to walk for aprox.15 minutes. Now and then a big tourist sightseeing boat will drive into the cala for about two minutes, the turn and drive away. We liked this one because it was very quiet with just a few other people.

mallorca beaches
Cala Petita

4.Badia d’Alcudia

This is a loooong strech of white sand, a mild sea breeze is forming small waves and in the background you’ll hear trees swaying in the wind. Although there’s a hotel strip with numerous shops, restaurants and other tourist facilities, the beach here is really nice. Now and then a kite- or windsurfer will glide past, but they stick more to the neighbor bay Badia de Pollença. And not to forget – the charming old town of Alcudia is just a stone’s throw away.

mallorca beaches
Badia d’Alcudia

4.Cala Sant Vicenc

There are actually 4 calas here and we can’t say which we liked the most. Nearby are also hotels that’s why 3 of these calas have lifeguards on duty, beach bars and beach furniture. Just Cala Carbo is still relatively wild.

mallorca beaches
Cala Sant Vicenc

5.Platja de Formentor

This beach is also maintained and has all the typical beach amenities. If you plan to visit the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula, don’t miss a refreshing dip here.

mallorca beaches
Platja de Formentor

6.Torrent de Pareis

This is not a very stunning beach, but the whole rock formation and how you get here is impressive. You have to park your car in Sa Calobra (btw.the road to get here is insane ❤ ) and the walk for about 20 minutes to this cool beach. The path will take you through tunnels until you reach a pebble beach surrounded by high stone walls and the only access to the beach is a narrow clearing between the walls.

7.Camp de Mar

Although this beach is in the middle of a busy tourist resort, we were impressed by the small island in the middle of the bay, where a bar/restaurant was opened and you can reach it over a bridge. Otherwise the beach is quite busy, you can rent sun beds and there is a lifeguard on duty.

8.Cala Blanca

This Cala is a beautiful wild beach you have to hike to (aprox. 10 min), the parking is limited, but the water is pristine and now and then a sailing boat will come to say hi. There is no shade, so bring an umbrella.

10.Cala Pi

This narrow cala caught our attention because of the – we think – boat garages and their green doors. The high cliffs on both sides allow you a nice view of the beach and the sparkling ocean.

mallorca beaches
Cala Pi


These are roughly our favorite beaches, but as I said, we absolutely have to come back to explore more of them. I hope we could show you some you didn’t know before or give you an idea for your next trip to this beautiful Mediterranean island.


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