Kuala Lumpur on a budget: 10 free things to see and do

Yes, Kuala Lumpur is a big metropolis, but this doesn’t have to mean it is expensive. Kuala Lumpur is actually quite budget friendly as food is cheap and many attractions are free. Here is a list of 10 free things to see and do in Kuala Lumpur.

If you fancy videos more , welcome to watch our KL vlog 😉

Is it your first time in KL? Here is some basic info, that might help you 🙂

1.KLCC Park and the evening fountain show

KLCC Park spreads out behind the Petronas towers and being surrounded by skyscrapers, it’s like a green sanctuary in the concrete jungle. Winding pathways around the artificial lake, where in the evening, around 20:00 s beautiful sound and light fountain show begins (from 19:30 there’s just water jumping in the air). In our opinion the best view is from the small bridge or to the right of the bridge.

2.Canopy walk

What a surprise was this small piece of jungle in the middle of the city. Hanging walkways lead you through the canopies of thick forest while modern buildings peek through the lush greenery. There are 2 entrances – the upper or the lower one. The upper entrance is next to the KL tower.

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3.Thean Hou Temple

When you enter, you’re not sure anymore if you are in Malaysia or China. This is a beautiful Buddhist temple just a bit outside KL city center, with marvelous views from the upper levels (it is one of the oldest and also largest temples in SE Asia) and a picturesque 6 story pagoda. But the highlight are definitely the numerous yellow lanterns.

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4.Batu caves

When you arrive there, you are not sure where are the caves. You’ll find a big square full of people, a huge golden standing Buddha and eye catching rainbow stairs which look like they’re taking unicorns to heaven. Cover your knees and start walking up the steps. Pay attention to the cheeky monkeys who will try to steal any plastic from your hand (especially water bottles and packages of food). when you reach the top you’ll get the name – a big cave will open up in front of you with a temple inside. Dripping water will make sure to remind you you are not dreaming. Walk further past the temple and the last flight of steps will take you to another temple where the cave opens up to the sky.

5.State federal mosque

This mosque is as a little outside the city center, but it’s an easy and inexpensive drive with grab. It looks beautiful already from the outside, but once inside you’ll enjoy the marble tiles, mosaics and soft praying carpets. At the visitors center you’ll get proper clothes and a guide who’ll explain the architectural and cultural aspects of this marvelous building. We were really impressed by the friendliness and openness of the people working (total opposite to the madhouse Sheik Zajed mosque in Abu Dhabi). So definitely a well worth visit.

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6.Royal palace

To visit the royal palace from the inside you have to be lucky or plan ahead. We were just lucky to be at the right time in KL. Once a year the Malay king opens the palace to the public for a feast. Families flock to the palace in matching outfits where all the food and drinks are free. Although we stood out, everyone was very nice and welcoming towards us.

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7.Merdeka square and the river peace walk

This nice grass covered square (once a cricket field) is a great place for people watching or just quick rest after or before heading to the nearby central market or Petaling street. If you look around you’ll see an unusual high flag pole – this is where in 1957 the Malay flag was raised for the first time and it marks the independence of this country. The dominant building on this square is Sultan Abdul Samad building (a ministry building today) behind which you’ll find the river peace walk – a relatively unknown attraction in KL but worth a stroll.

8.Petaling shopping street

Ok, I’ll be honest – I love shopping but not this kind. It is basically a covered market with Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling where you can buy souvenirs or fake goods (I think mostly made in China) but it’s fun to walk through and maybe you’ll find something for you or your loved ones.

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9.Central Market

Just a short walk from Petaling shopping street is the Central Market where you can buy even more souvenirs. Just outside the main building is a shop with gorgeous plates where I could buy ALL of them. They pack everything well so you can take everything home with you.

kuala lumpur shopping

10.Perdana botanical garden

A former recreational area turned into a beautiful botanical garden. You can find it nested in the Heritage Park of Kuala Lumpur also known as the lungs of the city. Different areas like Orchid and  Hibiscus gardens are open to the public.


And because it is so fun, here a bonus just for you 😉

Near to Merdeka square, actually next to the tourist office you can find this cool I ❤ KL sign where you can snap a forever memory.

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I hope we could show you some interesting places you can visit on your next Kuala Lumpur trip. I’m sure we’ll extend the list the next time we’ll be there 😉 Enjoy ❤

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