Visiting three Polish greats in Warsaw

What do a musician, an astronomer and a great chemistry scientist have in common?

Warsaw is not only the capital of Poland, but it is also a city of geniuses, of people who made an amazing contribution to our civilization. Meet Marie Curie, Frederic Chopin and Nicolaus Copernicus – each of them with a museum in Warsaw dedicated to them.

Marie Sklodowska was born in Warsaw, but is probably better known as Marie Curie. She was an extraordinary scientist who proved that anything is possible. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, the first scientist to get two Nobel prizes and was the first person to achieve that in two different fields. She was the first woman to receive a PhD in France, the first woman professor at the University of Paris. Accomplishing all this, no wonder the people of Warsaw are so proud of her. There is a museum in Warsaw Old Town (in the house where she was born) for everyone who wants to find out more about this lady who changed the role of women in our society. The museum is chronologically set from her birth to her death, with many original personal photos from her life and authentic exhibits. Look closely and wonder at the fact with which famous scientists she hung out with. The entrance fee is only 11 zloty (app. 2,50€).
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Another pride of Warsaw is no other than Frederic Chopin. Born just a stone´s throw away from Warsaw, he was a famous composer and pianist already during his lifetime.  He became famous in Warsaw. He actually died in Paris where he lived at the time. But his heart was brought to The Church of the Holy Cross (he made this wish by himself). You can see that Chopin was a Polish great by the 20 benches around Warsaw where you can hear his music just by pressing a button. There is also an app (free) where you can take a selfie with Chopin and post it on social media.  Do not forget the Frederic Chopin museum where you can see the famous Pleyel grand piano (used by Frederic himself) and many personal items. Entrance fee is only 22 zloty (app. 5 €).

The next great also has his statue in Warsaw. We are talking about Nicolaus Copernicus. His theory of putting the Sun in the middle of our solar system was revolutionary and he was able to prove that scientifically. There are numerous places dedicated to him and also probably one of the most fun things you can do in Warsaw: Copernicus Science centre – a place where you can do all sorts of experiments.  You can explore how the human brain works or just check out the inventions that made our lives so much easier. There are more than 400 exhibits on 7 permanent exhibitions; you can also look forward to the robotic and high voltage theatre.  The entrance fee is 27 zloty (app. 6 €) and you will have to pay extra to enter the planetarium.
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Warsaw is not one of the bigger European capitals (your feet will be grateful), but we can say that it definitely is a city of the »greats«.

We can also recomend some typical polish food and royal palaces in Warsaw you should not miss.




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