VLOG: Day trip to Carinthia in Austria

This weekend we explored more of Austria. After we really liked the green lake in Styria last week, we decided to visit more lakes. We drove to Carinthia, where we hiked to 2 waterfalls, visited a few churches (one of them is one of the oldest in this area dating back to the 8th century), followed the trail od the first Slovenian historical records aaand we also explored an old castle on a hilltop Burg Hochosterwitz from the 16th century. We ended the day at the beautiful Wörthersee, where we had a tacky romantic take away pizza dinner. There are of coure many more things to do in Carinthis, but the day has only 24 hours and since the hotels are still closed, we had to drive back after sunset. We hope you’ll like this “a litlle different” itinerary. We are here for any questions and suggestions for our next visit 😉
If you like the video, we’ll be happy if you would like it and subschribe to the channel ❤

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