Farmhouse Firbas

There are many farms in the Slovenian countryside. If you want to visit one, a good choice is Farmhouse Firbas in the north-east of the country.

A lovely old family home with incredible food, typical rooms and even a special wellness is a good idea to escape busy city life.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by the owner’s son Bojan, who showed us the »Štübl« – a rustical farm room, which was transformed to a shop and where you get to taste their strong homemade pear schnapps. After his interesting introduction, he showed us the room and invited us to guide us around the farm.

Farmhouse Firbas
Farmhouse Firbas

We started the farm sightseeing tour in the courtyard from where we continued to the children playground – a big sand pitch and a fallen tree. What a great idea – kids love to play here, because it’s so unusual.

Right beside is their big pear plantation for which they are so famous – you have to try their homemade delicious pear juice! Also the nice garden will maybe surprise you – you can see from where the vegetables on your plate are coming from. They have a great collection of old farm tools, which are on exhibition in a special room.
If you fancy sleeping like 100 years ago, they offer sleeping on a hayloft. They’ll prepare sleeping bags, blankets and pillows for you, and that the experience is really authentic, on the hayloft there is no electricity.

Sleeping on a hayloft

You have the chance to rent bikes and explore the picturesque surroundings, you can try to shoot with a bow, spoil your feet on the stone path, ride ponies, go for a walk, drive to some nearby thermal baths or learn to cook or bake some typical Slovene desserts.  On the other hand, you’re on vacation so it’s ok to do nothing.

Yes, I mentioned a wellness before. They transformed an old barrel to a hot tub, where the water is warmed by a special oven, which is part of the hot tub. The whole construction is outside under a big tree and a bath in the evening is perfect after a stressful day.  My thoughts drifted right away to winter – imagine a bath in snow … new on my bucket list.

Special hot tub

On the newly built terrace is a fireplace, where every evening a fire is lit. At our visit we could roast corn and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
On this terrace your dinner will be served – delicious homemade soups (you have to try the mushroom soup), baked potatoes with chicken, tender foal, crunchy salad … Mmmmm, my mouth is watering.
We also tried “narezek” – cold cuts, made only from their homemade meat products, cottage cheese with herbs, pâté, bread and vegetables. And for the sweet-lovers among you, the gibanica (flat cake with cottage cheese and raisins) is a typical and delicious dessert.

Narezek - cold cut
Narezek – cold cuts

A day at Farmhouse Firbas is a different but special retreat for nature lovers and countryside seekers. Everyone can find something for themselves and why not try a different kind of vacation?!

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