Sleeping in treetops

Are you looking for a special experience? Do you like nature? Then sleeping in treetops is just what you are looking for!

Who can spot me? :)
Who can spot me? 🙂

3 platforms and 3 hanging beds are waiting for you in Geoss Adventure Park in the geometrical centre of Slovenia. After the adventure park closes, it´s just you and the forest.
First they show you how to climb a platform, then they spoil you with a warm picnic dinner on picnic blankets, with a fire and a bottle of local vine. You, a secluded meadow and nearby hills covered in burning yellow-orange sunset tones. Pure romance!

Romantic picnic dinner
Romantic picnic dinner

In the forest is a water pipe where you can brush your teeth and refresh yourself´, so don´t expect a bathroom.
When night falls and you climb on your platform, you´ll find a big mattress with real bed linen and a mosquito net. Lying in bed you´ll hear different birds and other animals, if you´re lucky you´ll even spot some deer on the meadow below.

On the platform
On the platform

I slept like a queen, when around 5 AM the sun rose and all the birds woke up and spoiled us with a morning concert. After about 10 minutes they finished, when I turned around and slept for about 3 hours more. When I woke up for real, a breakfast basket was waiting for us – full of local goodies like salami, cheese, homemade jam, butter and bread, hot tea and boiled eggs. Yummy! And not to mention the view you have while eating. After such a good start you can be sure the day will be great.

Tasty breakfast
Tasty breakfast

Our colleague at Globetrotter also published an article about the Adventure Park GEOSS.

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