House Raduha

When we arrived at Hiša Raduha, we were fascinated by the architecture and design. It’s so simple, yet so special. The treehouse is like a wooden box on a tree, the hayrack is like other hayracks in Slovenia. We took a look at both rooms and decided to take the hayrack. Why? It’s a bit bigger than the treehouse, although the Jacuzzi on the treehouse is more private.

The hayrack
The hayrack

The hayrack is a modern small apartment house with huge glass surfaces, which makes it so bright. It’s in two storeys – or actually there are three. Downstairs is the terrace with a Jacuzzi, shower, a table with chairs and sun loungers. The stairs take you upstairs to the apartment, which is modern and designed in a minimalistic fashion. The small but comfy bathroom gives you enough space to do what you have to in a bathroom; the main living area is light and warm with sheep hide, sitting bags, a table and chairs. Excellent handmade pralines will make you feel special. From here steep stairs will lead you to, let’s say “nest”. A big mattress and a small window are inviting you to a good night’s sleep.

Inside and outside
Inside and outside

At hiša Raduha not only the accommodation is special, so is the restaurant.

The breakfast is very good with a variety of homemade local goods.

The real gourmet treat is the dinner. A 5-7 course menu will spoil your tasting buds – unusual combinations, which taste absolutely amazing, carefully chosen ingredients and a unique look of all dishes. No wonder, because the chef Martina is one of the top chefs in Slovenia.

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