7 tips for smoother long flights

We have already flown a few times and we wanted to share our tips as many friends ask us about this topic (and the 11 hours flight to Brazil was very boring) but if we forgot something or you have some more useful tips – share them with us.

  1. Comfortable clothes

On long or connecting flights we wear comfortable clothes. We try to avoid belts because of the security control. Wear flat shoes and take them off during the flight. We wear compression socks on airplanes and long distance buses – your feet will thank you. 😉 On some flights (or buses) aircon is really strong, that’s why we often wear hoodies or I have a large scarf to cover my head (or any other body part).

  1. Stay hydrated

The cabin air is very dry. That’s why it’s important you drink enough water. Always when drinks are served, order a drink with an extra glass of water. And don’t forget about your skin – we always have a lip balm and cream (face/hand) with us.

  1. Food

Yes, on almost all international flights you’ll get something to eat. We don’t have a problem with airplane food, although some people are disgusted by it. If you don’t like it – take some biscuits or energy bars with you.
Special tip: if you don’t want to wait for your food, pre-order one of the special meals (vegetarian, lactose intolerant …) and you’ll probably get your tray before the other guests.

  1. Stretch

You can’t sit for 5 or 10 hours. Walk around (just don’t do it when the staff is serving something), do easy exercises on your seat.

  1. Entertain yourself

If you’re bored, the flight will take 20 hours – at least it will feel like it. Many airlines have entertainment systems, so watch a movie, play a game, learn a language. Bring a book or even better – a destination guide. Or just sleep.

  1. Don’t be annoying

Follow the philosophy: don’t do things to others, you don’t want to experience yourself.
So every time you bump with your knee in the seat in front of you, the person will feel it. And trust me, after the fourth time it gets annoying. Want to lean your seat? Of course, why not, but when food is served, give it to a straight position.

  1. Carry on

If not listed otherwise, you can have a purse and one bag on board. So take stuff with you that will make a long flight pleasant.
Bring also a small towel, a toothbrush, an extra pair of socks and underwear. Why? It can happen, that your luggage gets lost (ok, not on a charter) and I know you have a proper insurance which covers this, but still it’s cool to have some necessities with you. (we didn’t on this flight)
Cosmetics? Well, I wear make-up also on long flights. But not as much as on a night out. J

Bonus tip: learn your passport details by heart. As soon as you fly outside Europe, you will thank me. 😉

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