What to pack for a year?

Well, we’ve been on the road just a few weeks so we don’t know exactly, if we packed properly. But this was one of the top questions before we left. Even on our Facebook page this question popped up. So here is a list of things, we packed:

  • Clothes: a few T-shirts, 2 long and 3 short trousers, 1 track suit, Simona has a few dresses and 2 skirts, a windproof jacket, a hoodie, a pullover (Simona has an extra cardigan) and of course underwear.
  • Shoes: trekking shoes, Jure has a pair of casual shoes with him, Simona has a pair of ballerinas and sandals with her. On the first day we bought plastic flip flops.
  • Swim suit
  • Light sleeping bag
  • Rain coat
  • Microfiber towel
  • Cosmetics
  • Torch
  • Suisse knife


  • Jure’s computer, Simona’s Windows tab
  • Go Pro
  • Nikon camera
  • 4 SD cards
  • 2TB external disc
  • Mobile phones (we already lost one :/ )

We carry 2 big backpacks (60 litre), one computer backpack and one small backpack, one purse. Weight of the big backpacks is 13 and 14 kilo, for the small we don’t know, but it’s not much.

That’s it. For now, we are happy with everything we brought with us. We’ll likely leave some clothes at one point (when they not good enough for photos 🙂 ) and buy new ones (not before Asia is our goal).

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