A little piece of Austria in Bolivia – La Paz from above

Arriving in La Paz we had no clue what to see & do. Our biggest concern was internet for Jure´s work and in a country like Bolivia this isn’t an easy task. We found a guesthouse in Sopocachi, the posher neighbourhood in La paz. It had internet, but slow (ok, better than in Atacama), the first info we got at the reception was that 7 min walk away is a Teleferico (cable car), which can take us to El Alto, from where we can have a panoramic view over the city. Ok, let’s do this.
We went straight to the Teleferico, bought tickets (3 BOB = 40 cent) and drove to El Alto. The Teleferico is very modern, just like those we know from Austrian ski resorts. Oh, did I mention it was built by the Austrians?! Doppelmayr did a great job and riding it felt almost like home. 🙂

The view
The view

You can choose between 3 lines so far (more are in plan) – red, yellow and green. The red goes from the city centre to el El Alto (take it on Thursday or Sunday when in El Alto is a huge open air market). The yellow is the most panoramic. It takes you as well to El Alto, just to other part. From here it’s even a nicer view as from the final station of the red one, and you can get a feeling of the vastness of this city. The green Teleferico is connected with the yellow one and it allows a peak into the “other La Paz”. You’ll drive over villas, closed neighbourhoods and 5 minutes from the last station is a shopping centre.

Inside the cabin is Austria :)
Inside the cabin is Austria 🙂

We really enjoyed the yellow and green (from El Alto to the last station of the green one takes around 35 minutes), because you get magnificent views over the city, you get a sense of what is where and it’s a unique way to explore new horizons.

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