Flying over the Nazca lines

These lines are still a mystery. Scientists refer to them as geoglyphs made by the Nazca people around 500 BCE and 500 CE. But why are they here?

We drove directly to the airport, because you can get the best prices directly at the airline. There are around 7–8 different airlines operating flights over the lines. We went to the counters and asked about the prices. Don’t take the first price!

We were offered 70 USD for a bigger plane (12 seats) and 80 USD for a smaller (4-6 seats). We decided for the smaller, because we didn’t have to wait for the flight.

We normally went through security, waited a few minutes at the gate when our co-pilot called us. A short briefing about the lines, the plane and sickness followed.

The plane
The plane

Once in the small airplane we got headphones to communicate with the pilots, everyone sits at the window, but we were distributed by weight.

When we took off I knew immediately I’m going to be sick. After seeing the whale, which is the first figure to see I already had to take off my jumper.

We saw some more lines: hummingbird, spider, monkey, hands … The pilot flies over the lines like he’s drawing circles from 2 sides – first everyone on the left side can see an object, then he turns and everyone on the right can see it. After so many manoeuvres I threw up (again πŸ™‚ ).

Our favourite - the Astronaut
Our favourite – the Astronaut

All together we saw 12 objects and on the flight back to the airport, you can see round aqueducts on the right side.

Back on solid ground we stumbled to the airport building and instantly bought some chocolate and water – the pilot advised sugar to get better.

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