Sandboarding in Huachacina

We had the first opportunity for sandboarding in Atacama Desert, but we decided to go stargazing. This time we didn’t want to miss it. And it was cheaper than in Atacama – we paid 35 SOL fort the whole trip (buggy, sandboarding, sunset in the desert), which was really fun and in our opinion one of the best value trips so far.

First we drove with a buggy over the sand dunes – up, down, vertical, small jumps and sharp turns. Great fun, we tell you.

We had 2 stops for taking pictures. It’s amazing how big this desert is, but take care of your camera as the fine sand is constantly blown up by the wind.


It was finally time for sandboarding. Our guide waxed our boards, in the mean time we were deciding who would go first. The first round we all slid down on our stomachs (as advised by the guide). But the second round Jure and I tried sandboarding. It went well and we think it’s easier than snowboarding. We had 3 stops for sandboarding – 3 different dunes – small, medium and high. But don’t forget, there’s no lift, so you need to walk up the dune. And it’s hot. 🙂

Jure in action
Jure in action

If you do the tour in the afternoon, the last stop is on a high dune from where the breath taking sunset can be admired. I like sunsets in the desert, because it’s amazing how the sun plays with the dunes, creates magnificent shades.

Sunset in the desert
Sunset in the desert

Soon after the sun took its farewell, we drove back to the oasis. One last stop to take pictures of the oasis from above and the tour was over.

We really enjoyed it and had great fun – so if you like unusual sport activities, this is for you. Enjoy 😉

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