Day tour to Isabela island from Santa Cruz

Everyone was talking about how beautiful Isabela island is. We were limited with time, so we decided for a day trip. First you have to survive the bumpy ride there; approximately 2 hours of big waves. Almost half of the passengers were throwing up but mainly those who sat inside the cabin. If you sit at the back, you’ll get more air, but you’ll be wet.

The tour includes transfer, lunch, snorkelling equipment and a guide – if you’re lucky, he’ll also speak English. The first part is the land tour – volcanic stones, artificial lake with flamingos, tortoises breeding centre and a beach are visited. After lunch it was time for the ocean tour – you’ll visit a young volcanic island full of iguanas and snorkel at Tintorera. But this snorkelling spot is incomparable to the snorkelling at Pinzon island, which we did the day before.

Our advice – come to Isabela and sleep a night or two. If you don’t have time to stay here, do another tour.

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