Pinzon island

As huge marine life fans we wanted to do snorkelling. We decided for Pinzon island and booked it with Galapagos Expediciones. We decided for them because Fabricio, the one who sold us the tour was also the guide for the next day, and because he’s doing this every day, he knows exactly where to find the most interesting animals. They don’t take more than 11-12 people on a tour and provide all equipment, towels, lunch, drinks, fruit and photos, if you have a device to store them.

Sharks can be seen (thank you Fab for taking the picture for us)
Sharks can be seen (thank you Fab for taking the picture for us)

First you drive to a mini island called Daphne for the first snorkelling stop. Fabricio will guide you to the best stops, so follow him. The visibility was very good and we saw some sharks, colourful fish, sea stars and corals. After snorkelling the captain navigated the boat very near to the rocks, where different birds live and nest. We were thrilled to see the blue footed boobie for the first time!

Blue footed boobie <3
Blue footed boobie ❤

Then it’s time for a ride to Pinzon island. The sea can be a little rough, but not as on the tour to Isabela. During the ride look out for manta rays, as they constantly jump out of the water. This is also something I saw for the first time.

On Pinzon we stopped twice for snorkelling – on the first stop we could swim and play with sea lions, see huge schools of fish and again the “usual stuff” – colourful fish, corals, sea stars. On the second stop we swam into a lagoon full of white tip sharks. That was amazing! We also swam with sea tortoises, small manta rays can be spotted (if you’re lucky also big ones), sea lions and the “usual stuff”. 😉

The most magical moment ever <2
The most magical moment ever ❤

After the last snorkelling it was time for lunch – a very good ceviche with banana chips was served. Mmmm 🙂

With full stomachs and great memories we drove back to Santa Cruz island, where we stopped on a beautiful beach for some swimming and relaxing. We were lucky and saw big tortoises again, having some intimate time. 😀

We really liked this tour. If you like marine life, don’t hesitate and book it.

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  1. Did you book a day tour to Pinzon or were you on a cruise? What is the link to the company website which you booked with? Thank you


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