Coober Pedy

If you know Simona really well, you know she likes opals. And she was pretty excited when we got to Coober Pedy, because it’s the opal capital of the world.

In 1915 they found the first opal and an opal rush began. People from all over the world flocked here to try their luck. In the Mine museum they explained how they dug for opals in the past and how they do it now. They warned us about the dangers of the area: holes, heat, snakes. Just to make sure that nobody would go around wandering and search for opals on their own. They showed us a typical underground house as around half of the people live underground. We walked through an abandoned shaft. In the shop Simona and the other girls were glued to display cases and credit cards were suffering.

coober pedy (9)
Digging for opals

Then it was time to try our luck. We went to a »field« and searched for opals not far away from town. So we avoided all the dangers mentioned above.

In the evening nature spoiled us with an amazing colourful sunset (I guess it was making up not the best sunsets around Uluru :)).

coober pedy (11)
The colorful sunset



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