Flinders Ranges, Clare Valley & Adelaide

This mountain range (for Australian standards) just north of Adelaide has some interesting sights to offer (or at least they’re nearby). πŸ™‚

Lake Hart

It is a salt lake which reminded us of the Salt flats in Bolivia. The Adelaide – Alice Springs runs right next to it so watch out for trains. πŸ™‚

adelaide, wine & co (3)
Lake Hart

Alligator gorge

It is, as the name says, a gorge (no water when we visited, but the whole was very unusual) with an up and down hiking trail. We got to see wallabies and even a huge kangaroo on the way.

adelaide, wine & co (8)
Alligator gorge

Clare Valley

Valley full of vineyards and famous for its white wine. We went for a wine tasting, where we tried 12 (yes 12) samples from dry white to almost liquor like red. Although the region boast as one of the best white wine region we preferred the red ones (Styria is Styria :)).

adelaide, wine & co (13)
Wine tasting


This was our last stop. It’s a picturesque city by the ocean. We only had one evening to spare so we headed straight to the beach and witnessed another amazing sunset. The beach is also worth a mention – the sand is one of the softest we have seen. After the sunset we strolled around the main street, got some dinner before heading back to our centraly located hostel Adelaide YHA. It’s a shame we didn’t plan more time here, because the town looks like it has a lot to offer.

adelaide, wine & co (18)
Sunset at the beach in Adelaide



2 thoughts on “Flinders Ranges, Clare Valley & Adelaide

  1. We are planning for a trip to claire valley and from this post, I got some ideas on best place to visit. Already booked a house for staying through
    Amy’s house Australia. Hope we will spend some great time there.


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