Magnetic Island YHA

This hostel on the beautiful but hot Magnetic island is right next to the Koala Sanctuary. They offer an open air bar and restaurant, a very nice pool (our fav place!) surounded by hammocks, a relaxing area with huge cherry stone cushions and a nice kitchen.

maggie (1)

You can sleep in dorm bungalows with ensuite bathroom, private double bungalows or camp – they’re the only campground on Magnetic island.


maggie (10)
The A-shaped bungalows

As mentioned before, they are next to the Koala sanctuary, where koalas,  snakes, lizards, parrots and some other animals can be seen and cuddled. At the reception ask for a HI/YHA Members price 😉

Visiting the Coala sanctuary

We enjoyed our stay here, the only bitter aftertaste is because of our swimmsuits – we forgot them there, but remembered it allready on the ferry. We arranged they’ll send them to Melbourne Central YHA, where we would stay in 14 days. But the package never arrived and from the hostel we didn’t get a tracking number to locate the package.


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