7 things we´ll miss about Japan (and 7 we won’t)

1. Shinkansen

This must be the easiest, most effective and one of the most comfortable ways of travelling when it comes to mid-range distances

The machine

2. Food (Simona)

She rages about sushi, soba noodles, Japanese tempura and so on. Jure still prefers the Southeast Asian version.

tokyo (15)

3. Knowing that if a trip should last 2 hours and 48 minutes, that it will actually take that long, not 1 minute more or less.

4. Japanese style rooms & bathrooms

From tatami floor to onsen (japanese spa) style bahrooms.

japan (2)
Tatami floor ❤

5. Japanese Cherry Blossom

We have trees blossoming and nature awakening in spring time at home, but it is not the same, just not the same.

japan (3)

6. Their willingness to help

Even though they don´t speak a word of English, they will try to help you. Either showing you a Google translation that you are about to eat a chicken´s shoulder, or putting you in a car and take you places, but hey will help.

7. Hi tech toilets

If a toilet was made by Toshiba, Panasonic and the like, you will know what we mean.

japan (1)
Yes, you can use all he buttons on the left 🙂


And what we will not miss?

1. Not being understood

Explaining basic stuff in English and being looked like an alien.

2. Surprises in restaurants with service charges, taxes

… we didn´t know about, because we don´t speak Japanese

3. The cold


4. Paying with cash everywhere (except JR)

Japan is considered as the land of technology, but when it comes to paying by card, they are not where Europe is or any other continent for that matter.

5. Unusual flavours of ice cream, snacks …

When I come to a McDonald´s I don´t want a McFlurry with green tea/macha flavour. I want the industrial/unhealthy one.

6. Thinking that every person on the planet is fluent in Japanese

We even felt a bit bad that we don´t speak Japanese.

7. Getting cash from only one ATM.

The most common response from ATMs: This ATM does not accept cards issued outside of Japan (Yeah, at least that was in English).






3 thoughts on “7 things we´ll miss about Japan (and 7 we won’t)

  1. Number 5 (on the “not miss” list) is so typical.! I’ve had friends visiting me in Japan who went to the supermarket buying what they thought was regular chips; turns out what they had gotten was chips with wasabi taste. You can also find almost any product with a weird “limited edition” flavour such as sake-flavoured kit kat or sakura-flavoured coffee..


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