Weekend hideaway in Ortenia


Gray and rainy days are perfect for some spa pampering. And Slovenia has lots to offer. One of the smaller, private spa hideaways is Ortenia in the quiet town Podčetrtek.

They have only 6 rooms and a beautiful spa with 2 saunas; one finish and one herbal spa; fresh tea, mineral water and an outside Jacuzzi. The lights are romantically dimmed in the evening, a selection of relaxing music is there to take your mind away from the everyday.




The rooms are actually small apartments: look into the white closet, where a small kitchen with chosen utensils is waiting for the next MasterChef. 😉 On the dining table a small sweet present will greet you, on the bed a bathrobe and sauna sheet are carefully packed in a bag. In front of the room is a lovely terrace with a view of the castle.

They offer a delicious local breakfast, which you can choose the day before: 4 different types are offered and you choose one per person. For lunch and dinner you can have small bites like soup, or the staff can advise you with nearby restaurants, where you´ll get 10% off as Ortenia guests. And besides of eating, you can visit one of the oldest farmacies in Europe, the chocolate house Olimje, Jelenov greben, where you can cuddle deer or the big spa Terme Olimia.


Small tip: It is much better to go there during the week, because there are not as many guests as during the weekend. We stayed from Monday to Tuesday and we were alone. 😉

Isn´t it nice? 🙂




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