Lifestyle resort Big Berry

Mobile home at Big Berry

Do you know Kolpa? The Slovenian river on the border with Croatia? You can swim in it, kayak or just relax and you can do it internationally. On one side is Slovenia and on the other one is Croatia. And on the Slovenian side is a lovely new lifestyle resort Big Berry. With just 8 luxury mobile homes it will give you the best possible accommodation to enjoy the river.

Don´t miss out on swimming in the river Kolpa 😉

The houses are for 2, 4 or 6 person. They have everything on a smaller scale:
– living room and kitchen are in the middle with all appliances  you´ll need, carefully chosen dishes and a comfy couch
– the bathroom is functional with a shower, bidet and a toilet
– there are 2 bedrooms – the master bedroom has a heavenly comfortable bed (really, I´m not exaggerating), a small closet and a night stand; the second bedroom has 2 bunkbeds and a closet
– our favorite space was the terrace in front of the house – it has a lovely view of the river, a big table with chairs, 2 loungers and the best part: a private Jacuzzi!

The bedroom
The terrace with you private jacuzzi

In the resort you’ll find kayaks, a lovely fire place and unique resting houses.

We really enjoyed the concept of interaction with locals. Every morning we got a basket full of homemade goodies from local farmers for breakfast. The yoghurt from Kmetija Štrucelj was amazing, the fresh apple juice and warm local bread were yummy and I was always happy about fresh fruit (I just missed vegetables).

Yummy breakfast

The staff at the resort is a colorful mixture of young people, living and working there. They have tons of information about the surroundings, what to do, where to go, they´ll even take you on trips. We opted for 3 activities:
– Mrs. Sonja  taught us how to make a traditional “pogača”, guided us throug a WWII hospital, which is now a museum and showed us very old farming machines

Original Belokrajnska Pogača

– at the Vinery Malnarič we enjoyed a wine tasting, had a guided tour of the celar and as big wine lovers we bought some wine to take home

Winery Malnarič

– at Berryshka we had a private tour of the factory, which ended with a vibrant chocolate and liqour tasting (and yes, we bought some more good stuff)

Are you in doubt because Big berry offers just breakfast? Don’t be. We visited 2 restaurants  which are just near by. They serve delicious local specialities for reasonable prices, so this is not an excuse. 😉

If you want total relaxsation, modern yet tasty living and be in touch with unspoiled nature, Big Berry is a great option.

Our obligatpry jump 🙂

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