Charming Slovenia


A newly opened resort in the middle of Savinjska valley is as the name says: “Charming”

It was the last trip we took on our SLOVEnia trip before we headed off around the world for a year. With only 10 luxury tents it´s pretty private – at the time of our visit we were alone for the whole day. We were also the first official Slovenian guests (so they said 🙂 ). The lovely eco-pool (it cleans itself with the plants in it) is refreshing and calming for the eye. Look at this  deep green color!

Eco pool

Above the pool they built a terrace with a rich herbal garden, from which they gain herbs for homemade tea, soon they´ll offer herbal classes and in the afternoon you can see the chef collecting herbs for your dinner.

The herbal garden

The food is great! Every day they surprise you with 2 dinner menus – one with meat and one with fish. Almost all ingredients are from local farmers and with 25€ it’s very reasonably priced. And not to forget – the chef Jernej was 3rd at the Slovenian TV-show MasterChef, so you can look forward to some food creatins.

Jernej, my bff and me

The excellent breakfast is included – you can choose from homemade jam, butter, honey, cheese, yoghurt, salami, milk, plenty of different fruit, and at the friendly waitress you can order eggs. Try the local style with “ocvirki”.

The resort offers massages, 2 herbal saunas and a herbal pharmacy. We enjoyed some time in the saunas, which are tastefully furnished in wood. The resting place is warm and naturally illuminated. Wooden loungers and a fruit basket will spoil you; a toilet, shower and drinking water are also available.

And the tents – oh the tents … Glamour is possible while camping – hence the name “glamping”. The interior is in a warm white-beige with 2 double beds; one is upstairs, the second downstairs, you will also find a dining table, couch, closet and a working desk. The highlight of the beautiful bathroom is the semi-circular shower, where you can open the glass ceiling and shower under the stars.

Welcome ❤


In front of the tent is a terrace and on the side is your own private Jacuzzi. What more can you wish for?

The jacuzzi

It was a very pleasant and relaxing stay at the resort and with the welcoming staff and calming atmosphere your visit will be perfect.

We had fun 😀

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