Hello again


It has been quite some time  since my last entry on this blog. In my head I started this article hundreds of times, but never put it to “paper”.

It had been exactly 6 months since the worst thing ever happened in my life. I wasn’t prepared at all. It got me totally off guard and it shattered my world entirely.

It changed me and everything I know. I got really anxious about time – we have sooo little time to spend with people we love, to do things we like and just to live. Only a few people knew, what was going on.  Thank you, you know who you are.

I lost motivation for everything; the blog, my work, even for traveling (now you probably know it was/is serious). But luckily my loving husband took me on some short trips, so I eventually wanted to go on a longer trip in summer. Still I didn’t have the courage to write something down. When things are just in your head, they are just yours and you don’t have to deal with the reactions others may have. Who just might hurt you even more. As soon it is here, on the blog, it’s like opening up to the whole world and revealing the wounds.

Anyway, I’m back. Wounded, changed and alive.

Simona xx

6 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. I feel you….Na koncu bo vse dobro. Če še ni dobro, pomeni, da še ni konec (indijski rek). Sem pa vesela, da bom spet kaj prebrala tu na vajini strani….


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