356487 reasons why you have to visit Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn


Don’t worry, this is not a list of 356487 reasons, why we love the Skicircus (or should we write one? 😊 ), but a list of reasons why you should definitely come to visit. Why the silly number? To us it feels like we actually could list that many reasons. 😊
I remember watching the ski world championship in Saalbach Hinterglemm in 1991 on TV (being 5 at the time) and thinking: »How can they have so much snow, if it is always sunny?« I come from a place where a sunny day or two meant the snow was gone. Years later when we were deciding on where to go for our ski opening I remembered that sunny place with all the snow. I thought to myself: »Simona doesn’t like the cold, but loves sun and skiing. We need a good combination of both.« So, in December 2016 we visited the Skicircus for the very first time. We immediately fell in love with the vastness of the place (270 kilometres of pistes), diversity of the slopes and the fact that you have so many sunny slopes even in December.


Here are our deciding factors you should think of when when choosing a ski resort.

  1. The slopes

It doesn’t matter if you come for the skiopening, in cold January, for the winter holidays in February or for Easter skiing in March or April, the slopes will be in perfect condition and the connections will work. Oh and you will have plenty to do if you want to test out all of the 270km of slopes that they offer. There’s even a special activity called »Ski Challenge«, which takes you to all the villages of the Skicircus. It takes 7 hours to do it (no breaks), you take 32 lifts, ski 72 kilometres and do and impressive 12.500 vertical metres.

  1. Freeride paradise

A factor that was added very recently. As a freeride greenhorn, I enjoyed my first proper freeride runs so much words can’t describe my excitement. The guide (from Freeridebase Fieberbrunn) was exceptional and other freeride colleagues told me, that the Skicircus is so unique, because you can access so many freeride slopes with lifts and that means more runs. And less hiking. The freeride trails are marked, but if you are unsure, go with a guide. You will not regret it.

First freeride
My first freeride in Fieberbrunn (Photo credit: Lulu Brinkschulte)
  1. Family friendly

Not a deciding factor for us, yet. 😊 If you want a family winter vacation, the Skicircus is perfect – if you ski and if you don’t, there’s plenty to do. 😉

  • Skiing: The Skicircus has many beginner slopes for children, they call them »Übungslift«. They are very flat with easy magic carpet lifts to stand on for children
  • Tobogganing (steel tobogan Timokscoaster in Fieberbrunn)
  • Llama trekking (3 llamas in Fieberbrunn are waiting for you and your kids to take them on a walk through winter landscape)
  • Sleigh ride (sleighs pulled not by raindeer but by horses)
  • Sledding; The good old snow sledding – we all know how to do it (well it’s not too hard, sitting on something and sledding down the hill) and we all love it.
  • Walking trails (trails through the Glemm valley


  1. Easy accessibility and numerous entry points

If you are coming by car or train, the Skicircus is quite easily accessible. You don’t have to drive over a pass or through expensive tunnels.

You can enter the Skicircus at least 15 different lifts so that means no long lines in the morning.

All 4 villages are connected by roads and slopes, so you can sleep let’s say in Fieberbrunn, have your first coffee in Hinterglemm, lunch in Saalbach and apres ski in Leogang (or the other way around) – all on skis!

Schattberg Express (1 of 3 entry points to the resort in the village of Saalbach)

Here is the Piste map: https://www.saalbach.com/de/winter/skigebiet/pistenplan

  1. Freetime activities

The main activity here is of course skiing. But if there’s a day where you don’t feel like it, they offer sooo much more: skidoo, paragliding, schnaps tasting, ski tours, walking and enjoying the views, apres ski, concerts, festivals and markets etc.

  1. Skihütten-Winter huts

Skihütten are an Austrian specialty and in Skicircus they have 60 of them. By now we probably visited a dozen of them and all of them were outstanding. They provide excellent traditional food. Needless to say they will serve all types of drinks. They are also famous for apres ski, for which some people don’t even wait till it is apres. 😊 Prices are similar and reasonable and the huts provide enough warm indoor seating for everyone.

One of many winter huts
  1. Modern lifts

One of the most overlooked advantages of the Skicircus are its lifts. Modern detachable chairlifts with bubbles and seat heating (22 of them) and comfortable cable cars (29 of them) will take you to the top smoothly and quickly. Unless you really want there is no need to take any t-bar or plater lifts. Due to the capacity and speed of the lifts you can easily reach over 10000 altitude metres per day without waiting in line.

Asitzbahn (One of 2 entry points to the resort in Leogang)
Asitzgipfelbahn (the most photogenic lift, in our opinion)
20171217_172909_neobdelana (2)
Schönleitenbahn (the best way to enter the resort if you are a daily guest)
  1. Events

Regardless of your timing, there will be something going on. Music festivals, food festivals, both of them combined, freestyle shows, Christmas markets and the list goes on. Our personal favourites: Rave on snow (is exactly what it sounds like) and cable car Christmas market. Individual cabins of the lift are stalls where you can taste and buy the best local products. There is music, mulled wine, waffles and everything that goes with it. The best thing: it is all for a good cause (Child cancer foundation Salzburg).

Rave on snow
Christmas spirit
On the way to the Flying Christmas market

But there is a downside to our enthusiasm about this place. We want to move there. Last piece of property close to the slopes we came across online was 1 million €! Playing the lottery ever since. 🙂

For more impressions check our video:

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