Comparison of 3 local islands in The Maldives: Ukulhas VS Maafushi VS Fulidhoo

Maldives Ukulhas
Maldives Ukulhas

On our last trip to the Maldives we visited 3 local islands, Ukulhas, Fulidhoo and Maafushi. Here is a comparison in accommodation, transport, food and excursions. If you are interested in a comparison between a local island and a resort, click here and you can read about our experience.


Maafushi Ukulhas Fulidhoo
Transport Local ferry 1,5 hours 4 USD
Speed boat 45 min 25 USD
Local ferry 4 hours 4 USD
Speed boat 1,5 hours 50 USD
Local ferry 2 hours 4 USD

Speed boat 1 hour 15 in 40 USD

Accommodation From 40 USD per night From 30 USD per night From 35 USD per night
Food Lots of restaurants with different food; pizza 8 USD, dinner buffet 12 USD (+12%, + 10%) Had lunch and dinner at the hotel as we found only 1 restaurant open in low season 2 Restaurants and cafes, we had a tuna with rice, which was delicious
Excursions Snorkeling and sandbank 25 USD
Manta point 25 USDSnorkeling 25 USD
Sunset dinner 25USD
Sandbank picnic 90 USD
Manta point 90 USD
Snorkeling 70 USD
Sunset dinner 70 USD
Sandbank picnic 50 USD
Manta point 50 USD
Snorkeling 45 USD
Diving 35 USD per dive 65 USD per dive 40 USD per dive
ATM yes no no
On island transport On foot, it’s small On foot, it’s very small On foot, it’s very small
Highlight Number of affordable excursions Best bikini beach Snorkeling with stingrays offshore


Although Ukulhas is more expensive (transportation and accommodation), the bikini beach is one of the nicest we’ve seen and the snorkeling directly from the beach is amazing. We enjoyed the peace and quiet for a few days, but the decided to move to Maafushi because of the diving prices.

maldives_blog Ukulhas


Maafushi got quite touristy – it developed a lot and construction is still going on. There are many guesthouses, restaurants and bars and due to competition, the prices of excursions are much lower than on other islands we visited.

Maafushi by drone


For Fulidhoo we can say we enjoyed our short stay very much, the bikini beach is nice, but the highlight for us was swimming with stingrays, which is possible directly from shore – local fisherman feed the stingrays, that’s why they are often around. But be aware you’re not on bikini beach, that’s why you have to go into water in shorts and a t-shirt. It is a very calm and quiet island, with a few guesthouses and restaurants.



If we would have to choose, it would depend on our needs at the moment – you want to relax and nothing else? Go to Ukulhas or Fulidhoo. You want to go on excursions, drink a coconut on the beach and have different dining option for dinner? Go to Maafushi. We would mix it up and visit at least 2 of these island. But to be honest – you cannot go wrong with any of the Maldivian islands.


15 thoughts on “Comparison of 3 local islands in The Maldives: Ukulhas VS Maafushi VS Fulidhoo

  1. Hello,

    Nice article! Would you please share how (and for how much) did you go from Ukulhas to Maafusi? I can not find any scheduled boat.

    Thank you!


  2. Thank You for this amazing article. I and friends are planning a diving trip to the Maldives and are confused between Fulidhoo and Mafushi. I know you didn’t do any diving but was hoping if you have any insights regarding the same


  3. Hi, nice article. I am planning to go to Maldives for a week and I am choosing between Ukulhas and Fulidhoo. I am a solo traveler on a budget trip and would like to relieve myself of stress so I want peace and quiet area but at the same time I would like to interact with people which might be tough these days due to Covid19. Please advise which one you would recommend?


    1. Hi, thanks so much. Well as both islands were quite peaceful BC (before corona), I guess you can’t go worng with either of them. On Ukulhas you defonotely have a much nicer beach (although I read the other day that it might be depending on the season – how wide the beach is and how much sand it is). The most ameneties are for sure on Maafushi. Transport is also the cheapest for Maafushi. Maybe take a look at Rashdoo (nearer than Ulkuhas, but also looked nice) and Gulhi (smaller and peacefuler than Maafushi, also cheap). I had the feeling that Ukulhas was more expensive that Fulidhoo. Because I don’t know what is important for you – price, beach etc., you will have to decide for yourself, but I hope I could give you some info and new ideas. Good luck and enjoy paradise for me as well ❤


  4. hi. thanks for sharing the info. I would love to know from which island and on what excursion you snorkeled with sharks. Thanks in advance.


  5. Hi:) I am really confused,which islands to visit in August. Were there big waves/bad wheather on your way to Ukulhas? I am afraid of seasickness…
    Can you swim with sharks or touch stingreys on Ukulhas?

    I am looking for islands with nice biki-beach, interesting sea-life and enough cafes/restaurants options. I really want to see mantas and touch stingreys.

    I v heard Maafuchi is too dirty and overcrowded… and I am afraid Fulidhoo is too small or boring to stay for a week.

    Do you think it is better to visit Fulhidoo+Maafushi or Ukulhas+Thodoo? I was also thinking Fulhidoo+Ukulhas but 3.5 hours by boat is too much.

    Thanks in advance:)


    1. Hi, so sorry about the late reply… We are constantly on the go since May :/
      If you still didn’t choose an island combination: both combinations sound good. Ukuljas has a changing beach – a reader wrote to me the beach (sand) wasn’t there when she was there because of the currents. Thoddoo supposed to be nice, we would love to go there next time. As for maafushi – because it’s so near to Male it developed the fastest, that’s why it might feel a bit crowded. We’ve been there twice and both times it was OK. What we loved there were the cheap trips and cheap diving. Eather way I’m sure, you’ll have a great time. Have an amazing trip and take care 🙂


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