Christmas time in Salzburg

Oooo, Salzburg, the Mozart city as many know it. Small, charming, but full of Asians. Because of Mozart.
In our “Austrian Christmas market tour” we visited Salzburg once again. Here are some ideas how to spend the day:

1. Christmas markets
If you’re here in December, you are probably here because of this. 😊 The biggest market is on the Domplatz (square in front of the Cathedral), which dates back to the 15. Century.
Right next to it is the Residenzplatz, where you can find the delicious “Mozart drink” aka Amaretto-Baileys with a Mozartkugel. And next to this market is the Mozartplatz, where you can go ice skating.




A very charming Christmas market is on the “Hohensalzburg” fortress. Don’t be scared off by the entrance fee – just say, you are going to visit the Christmas market and you can get in for free. The views from up here are really amazing. Oh, wondering how to get here? You can walk or take the train.



2. Mozart, Mozart, Mozart
There’s Mozart’s birth house, Mozart’s residence and on every corner they sell Mozartkugeln. But be aware, the original ones are the silver-blue pralines invented in 1890 by the Salzburger Paul Fürst. You can find the chocolate store on Brodgasse relatively near to the Christmas market on the Residenzplatz. There are of course many statues, bridges etc. named after Mozart.

Mozartkugel Fürst


3. Art sculpture “Sphaera”
On Kapitelplatz there’s an interesting art sculpture – a man is standing on a big golden ball. The german artist Stephan Balkenhol named it “Sphaera”. If you’re more into art, read about it, I will just tell you this: from here you’ll have a wonderful view of the Hohensalzburg fortress.

4. The oldest and the most famous street in Salzburg
The “Steingasse” is one of oldest streets in the city and worth a stroll through. You can see and feel life here in the old ages, you just have to open your eyes.


The most famous street is probably the “Getreidegasse” which has numerous shops, cafes and not to forget Mozart’s birth house.

5. Lock your love in Salzburg
Of course Salzburg has a bridge, where you can lock your love 😉 It’s called Makardsteg and it’s a good photo spot for capturing the old town and Hohensalzburg together.

6. Lock your love #2
No, this time it is not a bridge, neither you need a lock. When going up or down from Hochsalzburg, there’s a love cave, where you have to kiss to express eternal love. It’s a little tricky to find it, as you have to walk through a shop (next door to the Hochsalzburg Bahn). Let’s see if it works 😀


7. Visit a church or two
Austrian churches are really beautiful from the inside. And no, you don’t have to be religious to go in. Just keep quiet, take off your hat and see it as an artwork. The Cathedral is really worth a few minutes of your time – the main altar is beautiful and to the left, stairs lead to the crypt. There’s no entrance fee, but donations are welcome at the entrance/exit.


Salzburg cathedral


I hope I could give you some ideas what to do in Salzburg in just one day. You can easily walk around town, as it is quite small and almost the entire old town is a pedestrian zone.

A few prices as orientation:
Glühwein around 3,50-4€
Mozart drink 3,50€
Original Mozartkugel at Fürst 1,40€

Have a lovely time and enjoy the Christmas spirit in Mozart’s city.

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